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Montevideo, Uruguay

Trade Representative: Lic. Ana Laura Vidal

Tel: +598 2714 1178

Address: Guipúzcoa 455

Hours: 9:00 to 17:00

Languages: Spanish

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About the Market

The Chilean products covered by the Economic Complementation Agreements ACE 35 and ACE 73 Products enter Uruguay at preferential tariffs, which gives them a competitive advantage. There are opportunities for Chilean products ranging from agrifoods to manufactured goods.

Tourism is among the most important products and before the pandemic it accounted for around 7% of Uruguay’s GDP.

Interesting Information

Interesting Information

GDP 2022 (US$ million): 71.177

GDP per capita 2022 (US$): 20.795

Population: 3.422.794

TOTAL IMPORTS CIF 2022 (US$ million): 18.413

TOTAL EXPORTS FOB 2022 (US$ million): 22.294

Imports CIF 2022 (market sends to Chile) (US$ million): 241

Non-copper exports FOB, from Chile to the market 2022 (US$ million): 164

*Data from the year 2022. Source The World Bank