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Asuncion, Paraguay

Carlos Brunel - Paraguay

Trade Commissioner: José Antonio Montalvo G.

Trade Manager: Fernando Ortiz

Trade Manager: Marcelo Genes

Tel: (+595) 21 613856

Address: Nudelman 351 y Campos Cervera, Asunción, Paraguay

Hours: 9 am to 6 pm

Languages: Spanish, English

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About the Market

With 7 million inhabitants and GDP PPP per capita of US$15,030 in 2020, Paraguay offers great potential for Chile’s portfolio of products and services with high added value. The country has contained the negative economic impact of COVID-19 and will make a rapid recovery from 2021 onwards.

There is a zero tariff in force for 100% of the goods and services traded between the two countries. The future signing of an FTA between Chile and Paraguay and the building of the bioceanic corridor look set to facilitate and stimulate bilateral trade.

Interesting Information

Interesting Information

GDP 2021 (US$ million): 100.901

GDP per capita 2021 (US$): 13.976

Population: 7.219.641

TOTAL IMPORTS CIF 2021 (US$ million): 13.560

TOTAL EXPORTS FOB 2021 (US$ million): 10.547

Imports CIF 2021 (market sends to Chile) (US$ million): 1.062

Non-copper exports FOB, from Chile to the market 2021 (US$ million): 117

*Data from the year 2021. Source The World Bank