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La Paz, Bolivia


Trade Commissioner: Juan Noemi Campos

Trade Managers: Rosario Von Vogler Martínez, Irina Chambi Michel

Tel: (591 2) 2799247 / 2917391 / 2798422

Address: Calle 15 Nº 8054, Edificio Plaza 15, piso 3Of. 3B, Calacoto. La Paz - Bolivia

Hours: 8 am to 4 pm

Languages: Spanish

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About the Market

Given that we are neighbouring countries, Bolivia and Chile have built up strategic trade and business ties over the years. The newly formed “Chilean-Bolivian Business Council” is a clear sign of the maturity of our bilateral relationship in this area.

Exports are divided as follows: 82% manufactured goods, 13% agricultural produce and 1% services.

Interesting Information

Interesting Information

GDP 2019 (US$ million): 100,445.76

GDP per capita 2019 (US$): 9,110.60

Population (Thousands): 11,513

TOTAL IMPORTS CIF 2019 (US$ million): 9,784

TOTAL EXPORTS FOB 2019 (US$ million): 8,757

Imports CIF 2020 (market sends to Chile) (US$ million): 137

Non-copper exports FOB, from Chile to the market 2020 (US$ million): 153

*Data del año 2019