Why Chile?

Discover the commercial opportunities that Chile offers. We are a safe and reliable country, leader in commercial openings, with an exportable supply of global standard and a great office network in more than fifty markets.

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Get to know ProChile’s great commercial office network in the world and use One Click Import, our service tool to channel the potential customers’ demands.

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Commercial agreements
which Chile has

88 %

These economies represent
the world GDP

st place

Ease of Doing Business Index in Latin
America and 59th worldwide (World Bank)

Learn more about Chile's participation in Expo 2020 Dubai and how our Business Center provided an excellent opportunity for Chilean executives and entrepreneurs, to share a vision of the future based on sustainability, innovation, food safety and handling.


ProChile conectará a más de 500 empresas en encuentro de negocios con foco en América Latina y el Caribe

Bajo el slogan, “Conectados, no hay distancia” durante los 10 días que durará la actividad, se reunirá a 200 pymes exportadoras chilenas con 305 compradores de toda la región. Dentro de ellos destacan importadores de Brasil, Panamá, México, Paraguay, Costa Rica o Ecuador, entre otros.

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Learn Chile institutions generate more than 150 agreements at NAFSA 2022

Chile was a special guest at the NAFSA 2022 ambassadors’ meeting, which was attended by only six countries selected to present their academic offering.

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Chile stands out for its academic quality at the world’s largest international higher education fair

This year, 20 universities that form part of the Learn Chile network will be present at NAFSA 2022—the world’s largest international higher education fair, which will be held in Denver (United States) from May 31 to June 3—with a prominent 100m2 country stand.

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