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In ProChile, our prime mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of the country, through the internationalization processes of Chilean companies and the promotion of goods and services they offer. Through a network of national and international specialized professionals,  ProChile contributes to the diversification of exports, the attraction of foreign investment and tourism, as well as the strengthening of the country's image in the world.

 ProChile invites you to join the team of people who work every day to bring the best of Chile to the whole world. We are looking for talented professionals who are interested in contributing to the development of the country and invite you to apply to the jobs offered on this site. 

It is important to mention that applications received after the closing date of each application will not be considered. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

The General Directorate of Export Promotion, ProChile, invites you to apply for the position of Trade Assistant in London, United Kingdom.

 This position aims to plan and execute actions to carry out the commercial strategy of ProChile's commercial office in the United Kingdom, whose main objective is to promote the national offer of products and services, along with supporting the dissemination of opportunities to invest in Chile and promote tourism.

Among the main functions in charge are:

  • Support and be relevant actors in the increase of Chilean exports, foreign investment in Chile and stimulate tourism to Chile.
  • Be a support in the dissemination of opportunities for the Chilean exportable offer, the attraction of investments and tourism to Chile, promotion strategies and opening of markets.
  • Coordinate promotional and dissemination activities promoted by the Commercial Office and ProChile, especially, to strengthen the image of Chile in events that involve promotion, search or expansion of markets for the Chilean exportable offer.
  • Explore and know the market situation for the main Chilean export products, so that they are a priority or contemplated in specific projects, identifying price evolution, positioning and activities developed by competitors, marketing conditions, among others.
  • Support the carrying out of work in the field, with visits to the authorities of the sector, Chambers of Commerce and Industries, importers, distribution agents, Universities, fairs and events, among others, expanding the contact network of the Commercial Office.
  • Coordinate trade missions to the local market, with preparation of seminars, business conferences and visits to production and commercial centers, etc. based on required needs.
  • Advise and support entrepreneurs in the search for business opportunities in the target market.
  • Conduct market research and prepare reports that contain useful information for ProChile clients on market access and positioning.
  • Manage relevant contact networks for the commercial office, including importers, distributors, public/private institutions and others.
  • Support the administrative actions of the commercial office.

Among the requirements are:

  • Professional Degree in areas of Administration, Engineering, Social Sciences, Communications, Law, or related areas.
  • Work experience in positions related to foreign trade or administration in the public or private sector.
  • At least 1 year of experience, ideally mixed (Public/Private).
  • Knowledge of the Chilean exportable offer.
  • Spanish and advanced command of the English language.

We offer maximum gross monthly salary of:

  • £3,034.93 for an employment contract according to Chilean legislation, for Chileans who do not have residence in the United Kingdom.
  • £3,187.02 pounds sterling corresponds to an employment contract – host country legislation for locals and foreigners who have residence and permission to work in the United Kingdom

To take part of the process, please send your Curriculum Vitae and Certificate of professional title to the email seleccion.prochile@prochile.gob.cl . The subject of the email must say “ProChile United Kingdom Trade Assistant Application”. The submission of background information must be made between the 5th and 12th of June, 2024,  until 11:59 p.m., Continental Chilean time.


To review the selection processes available on the Public Employment portal, HERE

In accordance with what is indicated in the Regulation of Article 45 of Law No. 20,422, which establishes standards on equal opportunities and social inclusion of people with disabilities, institutions that do not comply with the 1% of people with disabilities or assigned to a disability pension of any pension scheme in their annual endowment, they may be excused from compliance through well-founded reasons.
The same regulation states that in order to excuse themselves, the head of the service of the obligated public institutions must present a well-founded report to the National Civil Service Directorate and the National Disability Service, within the month of April of each year, giving an account of the year previous calendar.
This report must also be published on the website of the respective institution. Given this provision, ProChile makes available the well-founded report indicating the causes of non-compliance.