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Our mission to boost competitiveness and a sustainable supply of exports is a priority. We want to contribute to meeting international demands, promoting sustainable development in Chile, and supporting global efforts that seek solutions to climate change.

Promoting a triple bottom line exportable supply with three times the impact is a long-term investment that is resilient to economic changes and the international environment. It also allows adaptation and mitigation of the challenges resulting from climate change.

To face these challenges, we created the Department of Sustainability in 2020 as part of an institutional commitment to integrate sustainability into our work. This commitment places us at the forefront of market trends and guarantees a better future for the generations that follow. 

At the Department of Sustainability, we are oriented towards:

  • Supporting the construction of a sustainability culture that promotes Chile’s image and the competitivity of its export goods and services.
  • Promoting initiatives and programs that strengthen the competitivity of the triple bottom line export supply and position the country as a strategic partner for sustainable development.

The team’s work is guided by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the principle of not leaving anyone behind.

Sustainability is part of ProChile’s DNA and our mission is to provide the best possible service for Chilean Companies to promote added-value exports.

The Advisory Council is a multi-sector space created with the purpose of supporting the design, development, and implementation of ProChile’s Sustainability Policy and it to be transparent and participatory.


Antonia Biggs.

  • Leader of Sustainable Consumption and Production / Circular Economy at Fundación Chile - Director of Circula el Plástico.
  • Geographer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, fourteen years of experience in project management, multi-sector coordination and activities development related to environment, mainly for the public policies implementation.
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Dante Pesce.

  • Executive Director of the Centro Vincular of PUCV-Chile. President of the United Nations Working Group on Business and Human Rights.
  • President of the United Nations Working Group on Business and Human Rights and Special Advisor on Public Policies for Latin America of the United Nations Global Compact. He co-chairs the round table on Public Policy Coherence between the OECD and the UN Human Rights Council. In addition, he is member of the ISO 26000 Strategic Advisory Group on Social Responsibility.
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Gonzalo Muñoz Abogabir.

  • High Level Climate Action Champion COP25.
  • Co-founder of Sistema B and member of B-Lab (USA) board. Co-founder of Polkura vineyard of Triciclos. Member of the Global Advisory Council of the New Plastics Economy at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.
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Guillermo González.

  • Head of the Circular Economy Office at the Ministry of the Environment.
  • UC Civil Engineer, Master’s degree in Public Policy and Environmental Engineering from Berkeley. Thirteen years of professional experience in public and private sector consulting and in managerial positions in civil society organizations, tackling different issues of sustainability such as poverty and segregation, environmental protection, among others.
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Jeannette von Wolfersdorff.

  • Treasurer and Director of Fiscal Observatory
  • Business Engineer at U. RWTH Aachen. Specialist in “Management by Results and Budget” of ECLAC. Executive director and co-founder of the Fiscal Expenditure Observatory, and member of the State Modernization Council.
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Josefa Monge.

  • Executive President of Sistema B
  • Executive President of Sistema B and co-founder of Cumplo and board member of E-Class. With more than twenty years of experience, she has lead the development of more sustainable ecosystems for business in the country.
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Margarita Ducci.

  • Executive Director of the United Nations Pacto Global Chile
  • She leads this organization in the country, which assists companies in Sustainability matters, with more than 13,000 companies worldwide. She was chosen among the 100 women leaders in the year 2013 by the newspaper El Mercurio, highlighting her contribution to install the concept of social responsibility in the country.
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Myriam Gómez.

  • Independent Director and former Director of Imagen de Chile
  • She has more than 25 years of experience in foreign affairs in the public and private sectors, overseeing transformations in large and medium-sized companies related to international trade, innovation and services, providing solutions driven by the market and contributing to strengthen team performance and commitment meeting customer needs.
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Nicolás Gordon.

  • CMPC Sustainability Manager
  • Nicolás is an Industrial Civil Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, having a master’s degree of Science in Sustainability Management from Columbia University. He worked at Explora Hotels, which are recognized for its low impact and sustainable management. He is Member of EDF Climate Corps and was manager in the sustainability office of New York University.
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Valentina Lira.

  • Assistant Manager in Sustainable Development of Concha y Toro
  • She is also part of CENEM’s board of directors. Valentina is an Industrial Civil Engineer from the Universidad de Chile and graduated in Environmental Economics from Berkeley University California, having an extensive capacity to lead innovative projects on environmental issues.
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