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Privacy Policy

In accordance to the Article 19 No. 4 provisions of the Political Constitution of the Republic and the pertinent regulations of Law No 19.628 about the privacy protection, the personal data processing that is carried out on the websites of the General Directorate for Export Promotion. Hereinafter PROCHILE, is governed by the following rules

  • PROCHILE ensures the personal data confidentiality of its registered users on the Institutional Web sites through the forms established for that purpose. Without prejudice to its legal powers, PROCHILE will only process personal data regarding those that have been voluntarily provided by Users in the aforementioned form.
  • The Users personal data will be used for the fulfillment of the purposes indicated in the corresponding form and always within the PROCHILE competence and attributions.
  • PROCHILE may inform other States bodies, the user’s personal data, in cases where such information is requested by the Justice Courts or other public bodies within the scope of their competence, who must keep due reserve or secrecy regarding it as established for that purpose in Law 19.628.
  • PROCHILE may communicate statistical information prepared from the personal data of its users to third parties, without the owner express consent, as long as it is not possible to individually identify the owners through said data, in accordance with the Law.
  • The Users may exercise the rights granted by Law No. 19,628 at any time. Specifically, he will be able to:
    1. Request information in relation to the data related to your person, its origin and recipient, the storage purpose and the individualization of the people or organizations to which your data has been regularly transmitted;
    2. Request the modification of your personal data when they are incorrect or are not updated, if appropriate;
    3. Request the deletion or cancellation of the data provided whenever you wish, as long as it is appropriate.
    4. Request the personal data blocking, when these have been provided voluntarily or are used for commercial communications and they do not wish to continue appearing in the respective registry, either permanently or temporarily.
  • To exercise their rights, the User may go to our Citizen Service site: https://www.prochile.gob.cl/contacto state your request clearly.
  • In your request is not answered within a period of two business days or it is denied for a reason other than the nation security or the national interest, you may initiate the corresponding legal actions. These must be filed against the person responsible for the treatment indicated below:

Responsible Name: Ignacio Fernández Ruiz
Position: General Director – Export Promotion General Directorate - PROCHILE.
Address: Bombero Salas No. 1345, Santiago Centro.
Phone: (+56) 2 33220000

  • PROCHILE may only use the information collected and processed through automated mechanisms in order to generate visitor and audience activity records, in addition to preparing reports that meet the stated objectives. In no case may you carry out operations that involve associating said information with an identified or identifiable user.
  • It is noted that the Institution, in compliance with the provisions established in Law 19.628, has registered in the Civil Registry those personal data Banks and the legal bases for their existence. To learn more about the registered registries, consult the following link under the option public body, General Directorate of Export Promotion.
  • For the purposes of this “Privacy Policy”, user in understood to be the person who voluntarily registers in the forms specially established for this purpose on Institutional websites. Meanwhile, visitors is the person who freely accesses the information available on Institutional websites, without the need for prior registration.