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ProChile holds both in-person and virtual workshops for potential, new, sporadic or regular exporters to support them in developing and/or building their capacities in export management and international expansion. 

In sessions lasting no more than 2 hours, you can attain basic or advanced knowledge in areas such as exports, logistics and market opportunities. 

Training cycles

These are three or more in-person or virtual sessions designed for potential, new or sporadic exporters to study specific contents in depth or to address management gaps at different stages of the export process. 

Each session, which lasts no more than 2 hours, includes guest experts on each topic, invited by ProChile to contribute to the companies’ development and/or capacity-building skills in export management and international expansion. 


These are 5 or more in-person or virtual sessions, lasting up to 2 hours, designed for potential, new, sporadic or regular exporters. These courses are designed to assess priority areas for the development of companies and of the people responsible for their international expansion. 

Participants who meet attendance and scoring requirements will receive a certificate of participation.


This is an in-person or virtual activity designed for a maximum of 12 potential, new, sporadic or regular exporters in the same subsector. 

Our experts make an initial assessment to identify gaps and then, over the course of 4 or 5 sessions, participants receive support from external professionals to develop a work plan that can be implemented at the end of the mentoring. 

Exporter coaching

This mentor-led activity is designed as 6 full-day or 12 half-day sessions of interactive and dynamic work between participating companies, which must be new or sporadic exporters in the same subsector. 

It is designed for a limited number of participating companies (between 8 and 12), depending on where they are in the export process. The sessions include a self-assessment of each company and the design and/or adaptation of its business plan to help it to successfully enter international markets. 


This is an in-person or virtual activity designed for regular exporters. It takes place over one or more working sessions, each lasting up to 2 hours. Immersion sessions can accommodate between 12 and 18 companies, grouped by subsector and target market. 

If the immersion sessions are conducted virtually, meetings are held with counterparts in the local market, specifically identified based on the needs of the participating companies. These sessions address topics such as registrations, permits, logistics, certifications, trade variables, business chain, competition and market niches. If immersion sessions are held in person, participants will have access to the same content as those attending virtual sessions, but will also engage in classroom and field work with experts from the public and private spheres. 

Placement workshops 

  • Non-exporting MSMEs with export potential. 
  • Company with export potential: A company that has no exports registered with the Chilean National Customs Service in the past three years and belongs to the SME and microenterprise segments (based on SII invoicing information). 

Intermediate level

  • MSMEs and large non-exporting companies with export potential and strategic clarity.
  • MSMEs and large companies that are sporadic exporters. 
  • Sporadic exporter: A company that has not had regular exports over the past three years. 

Advance level

  • MSMEs and large companies that are regular exporters. 
  • Regular exporters: Companies that can demonstrate regular exports over the past three years. 




Planificación Actividades


We have major deals with various domestic and foreign companies and organizations that form part of the export process or facilitate international expansion for domestic companies. With these deals, you will find benefits as diverse as preferential values for logistics services, intellectual property, consulting and exporter training.


Chile currently has 29 trade agreements with 65 countries.

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