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The company or entrepreneur that awards the softlanding program GoGlobal will receive accompaniment in the selected target market for at least 8 weeks up to 10 weeks that will allow the company to solve its information needs, improve its internationalization strategy in situ with market experts and receive plane tickets for one team member.

With this program, startups and scaleups will receive mentoring, training, workshops, connections with potential clients, commercial networks and potential strategic alliances, support to set up the company and start activities, along with permanent support from the Commercial Office or Economic Department of ProChile in the market to start or accelerate your business in one of four target markets.

Who can participate?

Chilean companies that have a technology-based product or service with scalability potential and ideally some degree of intellectual property.

Companies with validation in the national market and that are prepared to internationalize.

Companies that have a specific strategy for the market you select.

Softlanding program designed in collaboration with

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