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The program will benefit 40 companies, distributed in the following 4 selected markets:

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Peru is one of the main emerging markets in the world, with average annual growth of 5.1% of its GDP. In addition, this market is known for being among the top ten countries in the world with the highest level of entrepreneurial intention and is noted for being fertile ground for local investments, both large companies and startups and national enterprises. The sectors where the most attractive startups are found are from the Agrotech , Healthtech , Edtech , and Fintech sectors.


Colombia is one of the main markets for the internationalization of innovation where exports in 2021 grew by 21.4% compared to 2020 and this is due to the fact that Colombia has one of the most dynamic innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems in Latin America, occupying in 2020 ranked fifth worldwide in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Among the sectors with the greatest opportunities are Fintech, Healthtech, Edtech and Agrotech.


Mexico is the 2nd most important ecosystem in Latin America, according to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, it is the leader in investments of private venture capital funds in early stages of startups. There are about 120 Venture Capital funds, around 200 accelerators and it has a remarkable legal system to support entrepreneurs, such as the Fintech Law. The sectors with the greatest opportunities are Fintech, Healthtech , Edtech , IoT and Big Data.


Miami is the city that, due to its cultural similarity with the rest of Latin America, is the gateway to the United States, a country that is recognized as a world leader in technological innovation, with more than 31 million entrepreneurs and 1,328 Venture Capital companies, which manage US$444 billion equivalent to 50% of the global total. The sectors with the greatest opportunities in Healthtech, Big Data, IoT , eCommerce and Fintech.

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