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About GoGlobal

It is a program that supports the internationalization process of Chilean startups and scaleups that have the potential for scalability worldwide. With this business softlanding, ProChile and Corfo prepare up to 48 companies and entrepreneurs to globalize their businesses in the markets of Peru, Colombia, Mexico and the United States (Miami). The program is divided into 2 stages:


Two intensive weeks that consider a series of talks, seminars and training related to the internationalization process, such as legal and tax aspects (incorporation of a company), commercial intelligence, introductory cultural aspects, together with the creation of a work plan personalized that will be carried out with the company that provides the softlanding service to establish objectives of the startup and achieve them during the online and face-to-face immersion in the market.


2.1 Online Immersion: This stage consists of 4 weeks in which startups and scaleups receive support from the company that provides the softlanding service to specify what is established in the work plan. Companies remotely receive relative and specific mentoring and training on the local industry, meetings with potential clients and strategic alliances. In addition, the companies will have a face-to-face networking activity before beginning their journey to the destination market.

2.2 Immersion on the market: To complete this program, for at least 2 weeks up to 4 weeks, the selected companies are accompanied and supported in fulfilling their work plan in the selected target market in person with access to a cowork. In this immersion process, mentoring, consultancies, networking activities, meetings and workshops will be carried out in person.









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