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Sydney, Australia

Juan Pablo Julio Sidney Australia

Trade Commissioner: Juan Pablo Julio

Trade Assistant: Nicole Douglas

Telephone Number: +61 2 92625199

Address: Suite 1001, 50 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000

Business Hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 – 17:00 hrs.

Languages: English and Spanish

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About the Market

Thanks to their effective handling of the pandemic, Australia has positioned itself as an attractive destination in the Asia-Pacific region to make businesses.

The country has a mixed economy, relying on market rules, with a federal government and state governments that at the same time regulate and protect strategic national and state industries.

Mining, agriculture, education, professional and financial services are their key industries.

Those services are an important tool for their economy and represent more than 70% of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) employing 4 out of 5 persons in different industries.

It counts with 14 Free Trade Agreements, most of them with countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Chilean companies that have entered in their market successfully are, in its majority, from the agricultural sector, with products such as frozen fruits, dehydrated fruits and nuts. Starting from 2020 the only fresh fruit with authorisation of importation from Chile is the Hass avocado.

Interesting Information

Interesting Information

GDP 2021 (MMUS$): 1.436.442

GDP Per Capita 2021 (US$): 55.807

Population: 25.739.256

TOTAL CIF IMP 2021 (MMUS$): 261.263

TOTAL FOB EXP 2021 (MMUS$): 343.594

CIF Importations 2021 (Market rules Chile) (MMUS$): 555

Non-copper FOB Exportations from Chile to the Market 2021 (MMUS): 232

*Data from the year 2021. Source The World Bank