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ProChile in the World

Miami, USA

Trade Commissioner: Germán Rocca

Trade Managers: Jaime Silva, Fernanda Mondaca

Telephone Numbers: +1 (305) 374 0697

Address: 800 Brickell Ave. #900 FL33131, Miami, Florida

Business Hours: onday to Friday from 9:00 – 5:00 hrs

Languages: English, Spanish

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About the Market

Currently, Chile is the fifth trade partner of Miami, and the office of ProChile is located in the county of Miami, Dade. Its jurisdiction covers the states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and South Carolina, with a population of more than 60 million of people.

The main trade opportunities are in the sector of technology and innovation, where Fintech, EdTech, Retailtech and Healthtech stands out. Likewise, the audio-visual and healthy food sectors with high added value.

Interesting Information

Interesting Information

GDP 2019 (MMUS$): 20,524,945.25

GDP PER CAPITA 2019 (US$): 65,297.50

Population (Thousands): 328,240

TOTAL CIF IMP 2019 (MMUS$) 2,567,445

TOTAL FOB EXP 2019 (MMUS$): 1,643,161

CIF Importations 2020 (Market rules Chile) (MMUS$): 10,271

Non-copper FOB Exportations from Chile to the Market 2020 (MMUS): 6,577

*Data del año 2019