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London, United Kingdom

Ignacio Fernandez - UK

Trade Commissioner: Nicolás Poblete

Trade Managers: Catalina Jensen, Jorge Loyola Castro

Phone: 442072332524 / 442072332525 / 442072332526

Address: Chilean Embassy, 37-41 Old Queen Street, London, SW1H 9JA

Business hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 hours.

Languages: Spanish, English

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About the Market

The United Kingdom has 67 million inhabitants in an area of 241.930 square kilometres. The population average age is 40 years old and its currency is the British Pound. The country has been changing from the industrial sector to the services sector, which today represents more than 70% GDP.

Its financial market is positioned as the second largest in the world. The London Stock Exchange is second only to the New York Stock Exchange. Agriculture represents only 0.6% of its GDP, while 17% corresponds to the manufacturing industry.

Interesting Information

Interesting Information

GDP 2021 (MMUS$): 3.344.468

GDP Per capita 2021 (US$): 49.675

Population: 67.326.569

IMP CIF TOTALS 2021 (MMUS$): 694.397

EXP FOB TOTALS 2021 (MMUS$): 468.055

Imports CIF 2021 (market sends to Chile) (MMUS$): 637

Exports FOB, no copper, from Chile to the market 2021 (MMUS$): 632

*Data from the year 2021. Source The World Bank