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Paris, France

Ignacio  Morande - Francia

Trade Commissioner: Selection Process  

Trade Managers: Marcela Godoy, Javiera Gonzalez

Phones: +33 (0)1 75 44 24 60 

Address: 4 Rue de la Paix, 75002, Paris 

Business hour: Monday to Thursday from 9:00 – 18:00 hours / Friday from 9:00 – 17:00 hours.

Languages: Spanish, French, English

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About the Market

France is positioned as the sixth world economic power with a market of 67 million consumers and has a purchasing power of US $49.500 (PPP). It is the leading agricultural power in Europe thanks to a dynamic agri-food industry. It is also characterized by being a demanding and mature market in terms of traceability, quality, and certifications (Global Gap, HACCP) which offers interesting opportunities, especially as a market to explore new trends around sustainability.

France is also a benchmark in creative and cultural industries. It is positioned as one of the most attractive ecosystems in the world for innovation, with the creation of the FrenchTech Brand and its strong public and private investment in this sector.

Interesting Information

Interesting Information

GDP 2021 (MMUS$): 3.424.152

GDP Per capita 2021 (US$): 50.729

Population: 67.499.343

IMP CIF TOTALS 2021 (MMUS$): 714.303

EXP FOB TOTALS 2021 (MMUS$): 585.036

Imports CIF 2021 (market sends to Chile) (MMUS$): 1.242

Exports FOB, no copper, from Chile to the market 2021 (MMUS$): 320

*Data from the year 2021. Source The World Bank