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Panama City, Panama


Trade Commissioner: Carlos Rivas Campos  

Trade Managers: Lourdes Delgado, Catalina Ocampo

Phone numbers: +5072031185 +50765916811

Address: Punta Pacífica, Edificio Torre de las Américas, Torre B, Piso 7, of 705

Business Hours: 08:00 a 18:00 hrs.

Languages: Spanish

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About the Market

Panama has an estimated population of 4.2 million inhabitants, its GDP is $66.8 billion USD and has the higher GDP per capita in Latin America with $25,628.23 USD. It is characterised by being a distribution centre for goods circulating the Panama Canal, having tax free zones, a standardised monetary system without a Central Bank and banking centre integrates to the international system. Panama stands out in the region because of its commercial opening, its territorial taxation system with low taxes, a strong and wide limited-liability companies’ law, an equal treatment to foreign investors under the law, among other tax benefits.

Currently, it has more than 19 trade agreements, 61 countries with preferential treatment and 2 of the most active harbours in Latin America (Balboa and Cristóbal) where it sends and receives directly to 152 harbours from 54 countries and has more than 11 shipping lines. 144 shipping routes form the Panama Canal that moves 470 million tonnes of cargo per year. From this country, in just hours, different regional markets can be reached through the Tocumen Airport, known as the hub of the Americas.

Interesting Information

Interesting Information

GDP 2019 (MMUS$): 133,587.42

GDP Per capita 2019 (US$): 32,850.80

Population (Thousands): 4,246

TOTAL CIF IMP 2019 (MMUS$): 21,492

TOTAL FOB EXP 2019 (MMUS$): 10,527

CIF Imports 2020 (market sends to chile) (MMUS$): 21

FOB Exports, not copper, from Chile to the market 2020 (MMUS): 152

*Data del año 2019