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We invite you to check the principal activities of Innovation. Explore our tools and supporting programs from mentoring sessions to administration opportunities and immersion in international markets.

Do you want to expand your startup in other markets, but you don't know where?

The Market Entry Series is a series of informative webinars that allow companies seeking to expand into different markets to learn about diverse innovation ecosystems around the world. The sessions allow interested companies to connect with relevant market stakeholders in order to share information about the countries’ main industries and sectors, the benefits of expanding into these markets and the different opportunities, entry barriers and main stakeholders they include.

Entrepreneurs with experience in international expansion in the destination country are also invited to share what they have learnt on installing themselves in different markets.

Market Entry Series España

International Mentoring Programs bring companies closer to the markets that they want to capture. By connecting to local experts, participants discuss their international expansion strategy with various innovation ecosystem specialists in Peruvian, Colombian and/or Mexican markets.

The objective of the sessions is to allow companies with an innovative and scalable technology solution, who have yet to introduce their products and services into these markets, to explore and discuss their international expansion strategy and export potential in the destination country.

The format is as follows: :

  • Each company selects mentoring from one or more markets.
  • Estimated time: 30 minutes per session.
  • Each beneficiary company selects a maximum of four meetings during the cycle, where they can meet with investors, CEOs, accelerators and/or potential clients from the markets selected.

Fecha de realización: Segundo semestre 2021

Market Entry Series España

What is GoGlobal?

It’s a program that supports the internationalization of Chilean companies that have a sophisticated, technology-based product with scalability potential. Which through business soft-landing prepares companies and entrepreneurs to get in at international markets: Peru, Colombia, Mexico and the United States.

How the program works?

GoGlobal brings two stages, Pre-Internationalization and Immersion in the selected market: Miami - Mexico City - Bogotá- Lima. Witch duration is 10 weeks of the program. Where you will have the support to develop your internationalization project. In each market they will connect with a strategic partner, who provides the soft-landing service and will help you in generating the work plan for your company, coordinating the meeting agenda, linking with commercial networks, mentoring, training, 101 meetings, networking activities and more.

The program does not contemplate direct transfer to companies or entrepreneurs.

For more information visit us:

Go Global

BizMatch Program, is a program to support the installation of Chilean companies in the markets of Peru, Colombia and Mexico, linking the national offer with its potential client in the destination market, through a free proof of concept for a specified time.

The idea is that the company can commercially and technically validate its product / service in the destination country. In addition to offering the possibility of generating networks, alliances and entering into commercial agreements in the selected market.