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ProChile launches acceleration program for companies in Europe


From one of the most innovative ecosystems in Europe, ProChile Global X (PGX) was launched, a service platform that aims to accelerate the expansion and entry of Chilean products and services with high added value to the European market. This initiative is part of ProChile's strategy to support the internationalization of Chilean innovation in the world's main ecosystems.

The launch event brought together the main stakeholders of the European region and the 39 companies that were selected as part of the ProChile Global X portfolio to represent the country in Europe. 

The initiative seeks to be a bridge between Chilean innovation and the European market, in order to increase the number of highly sophisticated solutions in those economies. "Today we are opening a new door to scale the high value-added solutions that are being produced in Chile, and to be able to reach the different ecosystems that make up the old continent, the third destination for Chilean innovations," said Jorge O'Ryan, ProChile's General Director. 

He added: "In our first steps in Europe we sought to generate greater knowledge of market opportunities and now it is time to strengthen our actions, generating a platform of services to accelerate the introduction and adoption of these solutions in the European Union, using Germany as a venue, given the great reception we have seen in recent years". 

Europe is one of the cradles of innovation and has been for decades. Currently, 7 of the 10 best innovation ecosystems in the world are European countries. Likewise, there is access to venture capital, so co-investment with Chilean investors can be encouraged to facilitate the expansion of companies to this market.

To this end, 39 innovative companies were selected to represent the country in Europe, who will be able to access specialized services from the 6 commercial offices that comprise the program, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Holland and Belgium, in addition to the support of the Chilean embassy in Portugal, which will offer support in visibility and positioning in these markets, access to local networks and commercial support that will accelerate their expansion process in the region.



The Global X program will run for at least 6 months and some of the services it will offer are:

  • Exploration and validation of solutions and market opportunities.
  • Capacity building
  • Visibility and positioning
  • Access to capital raising opportunities
  • Commercial opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to exclusive benefits

"Thirty-nine are the companies that we will be supporting in their arrival to the European market. Portfolio that is composed of solutions from various industries, such as: logistics and transportation, customer service, asset management, Heathtech and Biotech, Agtech, HR and productivity, Retail, Edtech, Social Impact, Energy, Smartcity and Fintech, demonstrating that Chilean innovative companies have the ability to provide solutions to the most complex and sophisticated industries, developing technologies ranging from Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, to Robotics, Virtual Reality and Internet of Things", comments Francesca Lasagna, Head of ProChile's Innovation Department.

During the event, the audience was also able to participate in a panel discussion which sought to make visible the options, opportunities and barriers offered by the European market for international solutions, the challenges faced by Chilean companies for their entry, as well as to publicize the national innovation ecosystem and how today from Chile, technologies of global reach are developed. 

The panel included the participation of GoHub, an important European corporate investment fund and RESPOND, the BMW Foundation accelerator, as well as two of the most outstanding success stories in Chile, The Live Green Co and Fracttal, which are currently consolidating their arrival in the region.

It should be noted that this new ProChile program seeks to continue with its strategy of supporting the internationalization of Chilean innovation in the main ecosystems, which has already had great progress in Latin America and the United States with GoGlobal of ProChile and Corfo, which has three versions supporting the internationalization of Chilean companies, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to enter international markets such as Peru, Colombia, Mexico and the United States.


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