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Chile, Creating Future

Chile´s geography models its character. It is a land of extremes and extraordinary beauty that inspires the talent and excellence of its people. Our skies, the clearest in the world, lead us to a more sustainable and innovative future to benefit the global collective well-being.

A solid democracy that is built day-by-day among all Chileans is an internationally recognized credential of trust, in support of our business environment and contribution to the world.

We strive to support the creation of a brighter future by taking care of Antarctica, fostering the protection of the oceans, and building the availability of clean energy. Chile is also a global hub for astronomical observation.

The informative and dynamic tours of our pavilion will share our geography, landscapes, and endeavors of our people; through which we will share our vision of the future from sustainability, innovation, and food safety.

Pavillion`s axles

Towards a sustainable world / Sustainability and Renewable Energies


To find local solutions to global problems, Chile has stood out for its commitment to sustainability and global decarbonization, aligning its actions to contribute to the mitigation and adaptation to climate change, encouraging exporters to incorporate sustainable business practices throughout the value chain and life cycle of their goods or services.

Although Chile contributes only 0.25% (*) of global emissions, Chile was the first developing country to declare our commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, which has allowed us to position ourselves as a global benchmark for the development of a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

Chile is a country rich in renewable energies, with the potential to produce up to 70 times more energy than we consume. Our territory has a diverse set of unique qualities, from the Atacama Desert, with an outstanding solar energy production capacity; to the Magellanic winds, which compete with the maritime winds of other countries. These properties will allow us to decarbonize the energy grid and become a global leader in the production and export of the most competitive green hydrogen globally by 2030.

(*) Source: Nationally determined contribution (NDC) for Chile, MMA, 2020 update.



Innovating for a better world / Innovation and Startups

Chile stands out as a leader in Latin America for technology-based solutions, sustainable products, and services with high added value. Chilean companies in this industry have scaled internationally with great success, demonstrating that highly competitive technologies with a global reach are being developed in our country, providing solutions to diverse needs and complex industries.

As Chilean startups and scaleups grow internationally, many have attracted private capital and generated employment. This is reflected in investments including those made by Jeff Bezos in NotCo, Uber in Cornershop, and Fintual's participation in the renowned accelerator YCombinator.

These achievements are largely due to Chile´s mature technology ecosystem of highly innovative solutions that have been rapidly positioned with key players at the international level.



Food for the world / Food Security

Chile´s diverse food and beverage selection is internationally recognized for its quality and unique attributes, that include innocuousness, traceability, sustainability, and phytosanitary safety.

Our exports reach more than 170 markets around the world, complying with the highest international standards and certifications. This industry constantly grows and adapts to the needs of the world's consumers, due to innovation in the cultivation, production, and preparation processes.

The use of advanced technology has played an important role in generating a modern infrastructure and export logistics that focus on functionality, thus contributing to the health and well-being of the world’s citizens.






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