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  Postulations between May 11th and 29nd  

Presential: June 13th and 14th for markets in Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina and Panama.
Virtual: June 15th, for the Australian, Canadian and U.S. markets.

What is it? 

ProChile invites you to be part of ENEXPRO / EXPORTERS’ MEETING FOR MINING SUPPLIERS 2021, a face-to-face event, which will be between June 13 and 15 in the city of Antofagasta, within the framework of the EXPONOR mining fair.  ENEXPRO Mining Suppliers has become the main commercial activity of internationalization for the sector of suppliers of goods and services for mining, where you can not only manage your own agenda of meetings but also connect commercially more than 18 potential international counterparts belonging to more than 10 of the main countries   buyers of the sector, such as Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Bolivia, Argentina, Canada, Australia and the United States, among others.






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