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What it is?

Join us for the ProChile’s most important Seafood promotional event! Enexpro Seafood 2022 will be the third annual iteration, bringing together Chilean exporters from the Arica and Parinacota in the north, all the way to Magallanes in the south. This event will gather over a hundred seafood companies from all over the world to meet Chilean producers to learn more about Chile’s export portfolio and create potential partnerships.

Participants will have full control over their agenda in this virtual event. A customized platform will allow you to explore profiles and request, accept, or decline meetings. You will be welcome to join the Enexpro Seafood’s inaugural event, addressing important current issues within this industry.

Seafood is Chile’s third largest industry, after mining and agriculture, exports account for more than $6.2 billion dollars annually and employ more than 70,000 people all across the country.