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Chile Olive Oil

Chile Olive Oil

La marca Chile Olive Oil es producto de una alianza entre la Asociación Chilena de Productores de Aceite de Oliva, ChileOliva A.G. y ProChile que busca destacar las ventajas comparativas que posee Chile para producir aceite de oliva extra virgen y las características de calidad excepcionales del producto.

Mercados objetivos: Estados Unidos y Brasil.

For Savvy Gourmets who are adventurous and passionate about good food, Chile Olive Oil is the pioneer that brings them the art + science of olive oil.

By bridging the rustic heritage of the Old World with the contemporary boldness of the New World, and combining the craftsmanship of traditional olive oil production with the dependability and scale of modern technology, Chile Olive Oil brings Savvy Gourmets the best of both worlds so that they can boldly experience the full flavors of life.