We are ProChile, the agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that promotes the supply of goods and services thanks to our extensive international network of trade offices. We also foster the expansion of investment opportunities and the Chilean tourism industry.

This year we have developed a new support approach, with the aim of promoting the expansion of exporting companies with export potential, solvent or with scalability in the short term. This according to the stage of internationalization of each Company with respect to each market. We offer a specialized and customized service of instruments according to the profile of each Company, focused on goods and services with added value and innovative, in order to diversify the export matrix and increasethe positioning of the Chilean offer.

According to the stage of internationalization of the Company with respect to the market or markets it wants to address, the following three work stages were defined:



It is a service that strengthens capacities for internationalization, through initiatives focused on eliminating information asymmetries, generating long-term competitive advantages, reducing digital gaps to export, developing technical knowledge, logistics capacity and improving adaptation to uncertain and dynamic markets.



It is a prospecting and diversification service for new products, services and international markets. It allows you to expand your trade to new markets through initiatives, with new products and / or services and reduces the risk of internationalization through primary generation of international networks, market recognition, among others


It is a service for maintenance, installation and investment in international markets, with initiatives that seek to facilitate international management, retain importers, and strengthen presence in local ecosystems, among others. Its purpose is to reduce the risk associated with internationalization, increase the value-added offer, and consolidate a greater national offer in foreign markets.