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Chile is talent, nature and future

This process has resulted in a gradual, but persistent reduction in tariffs and the signing of various free trade agreements, which to date are a total of 30 FTA’s, with 65 economies, covering 88% of the world’s GDP and has access to 65% of the global population; with this, Chile's exports supply can enter an expanded market of 5,055 million people under preferential conditions.

The process by which the Chilean economy has evolved, has been intrinsically linked to the growth of its export sector. Indeed, for Chile, it is essential to open its market to foreign trade to expand the consumer outreach of its products and, with it, increase the production and employment in sectors in which it has comparative advantages over the rest of the world.

In February 2021, the OECD issued a report Economic Survey of Chile stating that Chile's fiscal position “remains strong” and that “the combination of a credible fiscal rule with financial and monetary policies managed by an autonomous central bank will allow Chile to maintain its macroeconomic soundness and support countercyclical policies ”.

Chile is a country with unbeatable climatic conditions, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Andes Mountain and valleys which allows the production of our unique export supply. Its unique character provides incomparable conditions for fresh, sustainable and healthy produce. The water that surround our shores provides us with seafood which is present in the main markets of the world

Chile is sustainable, innovative, with outstanding human talent 

Chilean innovators -as highlighted by the Global Innovation Index 2020- stand out in the region due to public investment and to the human creativity behind each entrepreneur. Along the same lines, Chile placed first in Latin America in the 2020 Sustainable Development ranking, published by the University of Cambridge. Chile is  also competitive. This is highlighted by the IMD World Competitiveness Center 2020, in which Chile is placed 44th out of 64 of the most competitive economies in the world analyzed by this study. This ranking positions Chile above the rest of the countries in the region