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Sectorial Brands

Promotion grant program, that supports the international positioning of different Chilean export sectors, through the creation, design and implementation of industry-specific sector brands that unite and represent these productive sectors at a national level, strengthening Chile's country image abroad.

It is implemented through international marketing campaigns that position attributes and competitive advantages of Chilean productive sectors in markets abroad, contributing to Chile’s country image in world markets.


The Sector Brands Program contributes to the associativity of Chile’s economic sectors, highlighting a united industry under a common graphic image, storytelling and messages, generating economies of scale and a positive impact for the country image, while contributing towards the long-term value of the brands.

The Sector Brands program not only an eloquent example of how the different economic sectors can work together to bring their products and services to the world, but it also demonstrates the effectiveness of a public-private collaboration, an alliance that has allowed the creation of brands as an international promotion program, aligned with Chile’s Country Brand.