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The main axis of our institution is to support Chilean companies in the promotion, diversification and stimulation of exports of goods and services.

We have a network of 16 regional offices. We work together with exporting companies, providing them with various tools that seek to strengthen their export capacity and stimulate a greater international presence.

We also established a network of 57 offices and commercial representations in the main markets that seek to connect the Chilean export supply with potential importers.

Download here the legal powers of ProChile according to Law 21.080

Our lines of work to enhance the attraction of investment are:

  • Work in coordination with the Investment Promotion Agency for Chile, through the coverage of our network of offices abroad, InvestChile, in priority markets.
  • We design a strategy for global value chains and production chains to enhance the attraction of investment and the transfer of technology and talent, in addition to increasing intra-regional trade.
  • We actively support the implementation of the national Green Hydrogen strategy.

We strengthen the country’s image worldwide through the international positioning of sectoral brands representative of national productive sectors.

Together with the trade associations, we carry out public–private campaigns to position the sale of the exportable offer in ProChile’s focus market.

We also contribute to the positioning of Chile’s image abroad through the organization and participation in international events.

Together with de under secretariat of Tourism and the National Tourism Service (SERNATUR), we generate alliances that allow a coordinated strategic management, using our offices abroad to position the national industry.