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ProChile introduces food from Maule in China

July 31, 2020

Captura de pantalla 2020-07-28 a la(s) 09.18.43SHANGHAI, July 30, 2020. The chef of the Shanghai Wanda Hotel was in charge of preparing various dishes with food from the Maule Region this week, in a cooking show that was broadcast through the Chinese eCommerce platform Pinduoduo and was seen by more than 700,000 local consumers.

The activity was organized by ProChile and financed through the FNDR of the Maule Regional Government, through an investment of US$5,000, which was coordinated by ProChile’s offices in Maule and Shanghai.

Both the Chilean Ambassador in China, Luis Schmidt Montes, and the Commercial Director of ProChile in Shanghai, Juan José Vidal Wood, attended this event. The latter explained that “two cooking programs were held: at lunch and dinner, focusing on the Maule region with its exportable offer to China, which includes fresh apple, juice (Berry), fruit puree (Fruselva, Purefruit, Synergic), pork (Coexca), olive oil (Siracusa) and wine (Viña Balduzzi, Viña Cremaschi, Viña Survalles).

Vidal highlighted the large audience achieved in the live broadcast, with more than 700,000 people who saw both commercial promotion activities, “which will allow many people to become more interested in buying these Chilean products and in particular Maule, in supermarkets and Chinese eCommerce”.

In China, unlike Chile and the rest of Latin America, consumers buy almost everything online, including food and even fruits and vegetables. “In particular, Pinduoduo is the fastest growing eCommerce platform in China, with annual sales until March 2020 equivalent to US$165 billion dollars (more than half of Chile’s GDP) and which has 620 million users assets”.

“ProChile, in addition, has managed to secure the presence of the Chilean flag on other eCommerce platforms such as in cooperation with Grupo Alibaba, and will launch the Chilean flag in Pindudouo on July 27,” he added.

The regional director of ProChile in Maule, Julieta Romero, thanked the Regional Government “for the trust placed in this institution, which has allowed us to finance this important promotional action. It was an activity that required sending samples from Maule, in a careful selection of the best products that are currently exported to that market, which we hope will have a new boost in their commercialization”.

This action is the first that the region develops with the new digital promotion strategy and will implement new activities planned on other digital platforms in the markets prioritized by the region and the most relevant sectors such as wine and agribusiness.

She added that “this effort is relevant to allow the reactivation of regional exporting companies, which are affected by the drop in sales as a result of the global pandemic, which we hope will translate into the re-hiring of workers and the improvement of employment figures”.