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New Trade Commissioner at ProChile Los Angeles, United States

September 09, 2020

Ian Frederick

As of August 2020, the ProChile office in Los Angeles, USA is being led by Ian Fredrick, a business administrator and attorney with a long track record in international business.

Ian acquired a great deal of experience in marketing and sales from prior work with multinational corporations such as Procter and Gamble, DIAGEO, and Casapiedra. Regarding international trade promotion, Mr. Frederick worked for the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (AUSTRADE) office based in Santiago, where he supported the promotion of business opportunities and the expansion of Australian companies into Chile.

Mr. Frederick was also the Head of the Investment Promotion Division of InvestChile from 2017-2020, as well as the Interim Director of InvestChile in 2018. Both roles involved the development and implementation of a country-wide strategy to promote Foreign Direct Investment into Chile.

As the Trade Commissioner in Los Angeles, Ian, along with his team, will be in charge of connecting Chilean export companies to opportunities in 12 states in the Western United States. Among other sectors, creative industries and related services (such as content for film, production, filming, animation, video games), innovation and technology-based enterprises, and value-added products stand out.

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