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Honey with unique characteristics in E-commerce channels

September 22, 2020

jpm mielThe Chilean beekeeping industry consists of 7,812 beekeepers, 920 thousand hives, 12,521 apiaries distributed throughout our extensive territory. It is a sector that is constantly becoming more professional and whose development takes place within the framework of collaboration between public institutions and the private sector, which allows them to comply with the high production and quality standards required by international markets.

Chilean honey has unique characteristics, which are given by their floral diversity and organoleptic qualities such as, Ulmo, Quillay, Tiaca and Peumo. It is a natural product that is in line with global consumer trends.

The main destinations today are Germany, France, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. In 2019, an agreement was reached for the entry of Chilean honey into China.

JPM Exports

An apicultural company with a long tradition of exporting honey. It has a modern plant and laboratory that allows it to export a previously classified and analyzed product that complies with the rigorous legislation of European countries and the rest of the world.

Hundreds of beekeepers from all over the country that work with the company benefit from the shipment of their honeys. They are trained to develop skills, to promote clean and sustainable production focused on the continuous improvement of honey for its conversion to “organic” under the fair-trade criteria.

JPM, through the Terra Andes Plus brand, was the first company to carry out/complete a shipment of Chilean honey to China in May of this year, to be mainly through e-commmerce on the WeChat platform as well as in the TMall Chilean pavilion, and to organic and health stores. It stands out as a shipment of a highly differentiated honey due to its attributes of origin and antibacterial properties—a differentiating factor developed by the Pontifical Catholic University that certifies these characteristics.



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