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Food Innovation from Chile

September 22, 2020

light-bulb-2631864_1920Chile offers a wide range of products in the food and beverage sectors, and it has established itself as an industry with high-level human capital and the development of cutting-edge technologies that add value to products.

The current global consumer has very high standards, requiring products that, in addition to having a good taste, are nutritious, healthy and offer physiological benefits, which has opened a space for the development of this innovative industry in Chile.


maquiberry“From cultures of the past to modern life”

Nativ for Life cultivates, processes and markets fruits from the South of Chile in a conscious way, adding innovation and value to position itself as a showcase for the South of the world.

With exports directed to 14 markets, harvesting the wild and organic products in the Chilean Patagonia through local communities.

Among its products, a small fruit native to Southern Chile stands out, Maquiberry (Aristotelia Chilensis), it is high in anthocyanins/delphin—an active molecule that helps control blood sugar, along with having the highest levels of antioxidants in any known fruit.

This functional ingredient has properties that are beneficial for physical well-being, strengthens the immune system, regulates the glucose index, it is neuroprotector and anticarcinogen.  Its use covers the nutraceutical market, food industry, cosmetics, and natural coloring, among others.

Nativ for Life has Organic, Kosher, BRC and HACCP certifications.


 Terrium_Menu_4_400x“Formulating food connecting science and research with the market and the public”.

Terrium focuses on producing healthy and nutritious food. It takes lupine/lupin and transforms it into a basic ingredient for its line of products, developing a varied product line that includes powdered drinks, pre-mixes, and biscuits, among others.

Lupine is a food that is not currently well-known, and consumers are not yet aware of its versatility. It is a legume high in vegetable proteins, beneficial for diabetics and suitable for those who suffer from food allergies, vegans and it is lactose, gluten, and soy free.

Terrium is certified as a B Company, committed to demonstrating that companies can be agents of change and contribute to the solution of major social and environmental problems.

It also uses raw materials from Mapuche communities through NG-Seeds—the main collaborator of companies that are innovating the industry with lupin flour.


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