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Could copper help fight COVID-19? Three lessons from Chile

September 09, 2020

copper-72062_1280In a time where hygiene and sanitation have become of heightened priority due to the COVID-19 pandemic, innovation has become key in providing solutions that are both effective and accessible. A recent article published in the World Economic Forum mentions how Chile has taken important strides in leveraging its large copper production, which reaches an annual volume of 5.78 million tons to create value-added products that can help diversify its economy while developing products that can play a role in mitigating risks associated with COVID-19.

Copper has natural qualities that allow it to serve as a weapon against viruses and bacteria, and even pre-COVID, Chile had been recognized as a leader in the development of antimicrobial uses of copper, particularly through copper nanoparticles, which can be incorporated in a wide variety of products, including clothing, paint, and cosmetics, among others. The many Chilean companies that have created and developed copper-based solutions have also been diligent in working to incorporate their products to the global market, thus placing copper at the forefront of innovation.

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