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Control QTime: The Facial Recognition System Revolutionizing Workplace Safety

June 18, 2020

CQT-2Control QTime offers facial recognition and temperature measurement systems designed for high-density mining and workplaces. It provides an alternative method to avoid physical contact and the use of critical points such as fingerprints.

Robert Zepeda designed the program to prevent cross-contamination by revolutionizing systems that involve the use of pencils, paper, and physical devices.

The concept required years of development and began as a safety vest with GPS sensors that alerted the user’s movement to non-enabled sectors.
“I thought of a method that would hinder fraudulent actions while also avoiding the transmission of diseases by physical contact. So I started using biometrics in cafeterias. The system traces colored trays and identifies which menu corresponds to each person. It reports the person’s ID, their place of work, and other determining factors, in terms of data and information, to the appropriate department,” says Zepeda.

In Chile, Control QTime is incorporating verification, authentication, and temperature control systems in the central building of the Antofagasta Health Service in northern Chile. “We are marking a great change in the information, security, and health management of all those involved in these processes,” says Zepeda.

Trade Commissioner of ProChile in Miami, Germán Rocca, points out that “Control QTime is a sample of the type of products or services that have vast experience of usability and development in the local market and that, in that sense, have the necessary potential to break through into the international market. “