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Chilean Seafood and Aquaculture: Safe and Healthy

September 22, 2020

proa-mussels-half-shellChile is fortunate to have an extensive coastline of over 8 thousand kilometers. This allows the country to have one of the richest and most productive marine ecosystems in the world, generating a solid seafood industry with conditions that have allowed it to become a world-class exporter.

More than 70% of the Salmonidae companies are certified—highlighting Best Aquaculture Practices, ISO (9001, 14001 y 22000), BRC Food, IFC, SQF. It is very important to highlight that in 2018 there was a 24% decrease in the use of antibiotics, reaching the lowest level in 7 years. Additionally, 84% of the biomasses were certified by an international entity (ASC – BAP – GAP), which translates into the fact that more than 650.000 tons were produced under the best international sustainability standards.

The industry has a detailed Safety and Certification Manual, which describes the standards and procedures that enables the guaranteeing of the sanitary quality of fishery and aquaculture products for export throughout the entire production chain, which is monitored by the Technical Department Authority in charge, the National Service of Fisheries and Aquaculture, SERNAPESCA. 

Aquaculture and its advances in International Sustainability

The Chilean Mussel industry signed a Clean Production Agreement to advance towards the consolidation of the sector in international markets.

The Clean Production Agreement includes eight goals that seek to increase the efficiency and productivity in the mussel cultivation centers, with actions that range from good practices of energy efficiency, management and solid waste management, incorporation of sustainability indicators and training of workers, decrease of sources that generate odors in processing plants, such as the organic matter present in the shells that are destined for recycling plants, as well as the development of a plan to replace expanded polystyrene buoys with plastic buoys as well as quarterly campaigns for beach cleaning.

SudMaris Chile S.A.

The first Chilean aquaculture company that has organic certification for all the stages of the production process of mussels or (Mytilus chilensis), ranging from the seed capture to plant waste management, which will allow them to supply the growing demand, and remain at the forefront of international standards.

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