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Chilean Logistics and Supply Chain has been functioning without major issues since the quarantines

June 05, 2020

container-3593640_1280Although the majority of the largest region of Chile, the Santiago Metropolitan Region, is currently under a strict “stay at home order”, the country´s logistics channels have continued to opérate without major issues, as per a weekly report elaborated by the 16 regional offices of ProChile throughout the country.

This weekly report found that both imports and exports have continued to depart and arrive in accordance to its regular schedule. The report did not identify any major difficulties in the operations of the main ports and airports in Chile.

Northern Zone:

In Arica, the airport in Chacalluta has been operating at its lowest capacity. Facilities on the northern border have continued to operate. In Tarapacá, the EPI Port Authority has been operating under its normal conditions, and has implemented hygienic practices for any person entering the facilities, including port personnel and clients. Both the port and customs operations in Antofagasta have maintained operations, but its border facilites have been operating under some restrictions. The ports in the Atacama Region are operating primarily for the export of minerals, and 90% of the olive exports have been handled through the Port of San Antonio. The ports and logistics situation in Coquimbo have been normal and they have been operating with no difficulties, due to coordination with the freighting network.

Central Zone:

Between January and April 2020, the Port of Valparaíso has been able to move close to 2.8 million tons of cargo: 2.2 million tons of containers and 600,000 tons of fragmented cargo. For the Santiago Metropolitan Region, the airlines that operate out of the Santiago International Airport have maintained their regular schedules and export programs. The O´Higgins Region has not reported any difficulties, fruit exports have experienced no problems, as is the case for the Maule and Ñuble Regions, as the diverse logistics stakeholders have been coordinated through the regional COMEX´s Emergency Committee. The Bío-Bío Region has not reported any changes to the normal operations of its logistics channels.

Southern Zone:

The logistics chain in the Araucanía Region has been functioning normally, with improvements to the efficiency of the operations and transit speed over the past weeks. The Los Ríos Region has not reported any complications as well. In Ancud, Los Lagos Region, there has been greater control of the trucks that have entered and left Chiloé, which has created an increase in transportation times.

Austral Zone:

The Aysén Region has 5 cargo flights per week, only if the flights can comply with the necessary volumes required. The extracting and aquaculture industries in Magallanes have been operating normally and they have not reported any logistics issues.

It is important to highlight and reiterate the constant collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Customs Service, the Chilean Agriculture and Livestock Service (SAG), Chilean Police Forces and Investigative Police, maritime shipping agencies, DIRECTEMAR, regional sanitary authorities and the respective regional health services, among others.


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