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Chilean Industries Respond to World Demand

June 03, 2020

chileChile’s exportable supply of goods and services has rapidly adapted to world demand. Today, Chilean exporters are ready and willing to continue closing deals in global markets.


Chile is a country that is recognized for its entrepreneurial capacity and innovation. It leads the Latin American market in both sectors, ranking 19th by the Global Entrepreneurship Index and 51st in the 2019 Global Innovation Index.

The country is known for its thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem. ProChile has developed a robust program to support the internationalization of startups and scaleups. The organization offers solutions in the Fintech, Biotech, Agtech, Minetech, Edtech and Healthtech sectors, transversal SaaS B2B for logistics, heavy industry, human resources, and construction.


In recent years, the creative sector in Chile has garnered significant international awards, such as the Oscar for the best foreign film “The Fantastic Woman” (2018), the animated short film “Story of a Bear” (2016). Lina Meruane and Nona Nona Fernández also received the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz literary award.

Chilean creative industries have reacted quickly to the changes imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, transforming their content into digital formats and joining international virtual activities to remain present on global platforms.

Thus, this Chilean industry will be present in over 20 markets, presenting available services and products in the following subsectors: Audiovisual, Editorial, Graphic Narrative and Illustration; Animation, Videogames, Music, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Design, and Fashion.


Chile is a global force due to technology, services, and innovation emerging in various productive sectors.

Today, these industries are internationally recognized, highlighting specialized sectors such as goods and services for mining, engineering services, construction, aquaculture, retail, education, banking, and health. Each of these subsectors incorporates R&D, thus positioning Chile as a relevant and reliable actor at the international level. Chile ranks 1st in Latin America and 42nd in the International Institute for Management Development’s World Digital Competitiveness Ranking (WDCR).


Natural barriers at all four compass points protect Chile, converting it into a phytosanitary island. The country offers enormous natural and human potential and is characterized by awe-inspiring geographical and climatic variations. Chile’s unique characteristics provide ideal conditions for producing fresh, healthy, and high-quality food that is enjoyed around the world.

The country also boasts modern infrastructure and export logistics that comply with demanding international standards and certifications.

Chile maintains outstanding leadership in world food export rankings for fresh cherries, frozen fillets of Pacific salmon, portions of Atlantic salmon and frozen trout, wines, and dried fruits.

In response to consumer trends, Chile has developed specialized additives, fortified foods, functional ingredients, and nutritional supplements that demonstrate a high degree of innovation in its processes and the final product.


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