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Chilean functional product begins sales in Amazon Germany

July 06, 2020

synergicfoodAs part of the strategic alliance with Amazon to support ProChile’s clients in their internationalization processes and thus promote eCommerce, the Chilean product Synergicfood, a functional food produced by the company Andes Wisdom, was officially launched on June 24 on Amazon Germany.

Amazon is the largest eCommerce platform in Europe with 44 million customers in Germany.

Thanks to the support of ProChile’s Office in Germany, it has been possible to initiate this pilot plan to insert Chilean products into this important online sales platform, in order to replicate the successful experience of some Chilean brands in the North American market.

“Europe is a demanding market and the interest and protagonism of Andes Wisdom has been key to achieving this result. Together with its representative in Germany, they have done a great deal of work to prepare their product commercially in order to adapt it to the high standards required in Europe,” says Diego Torres, ProChile’s Commercial Director in Germany.

He adds that “we will continue to advise Chilean companies to allow them access to this important commercial platform, in order to facilitate the connection between Chilean companies and the world.

The General Director of ProChile, Jorge O’Ryan, said that this milestone in Germany “is part of what we as ProChile are looking for to support Chilean entrepreneurs. Today we are experiencing an unprecedented health crisis in the world and marketing has been rapidly shifting toward eCommerce and digital channels. What we have done with Synergicfood in Germany is an example of what we want to do worldwide”.

Synergicfood is produced by a company from the Maule Region, Andes Wisdom, and is the result of more than five years of research. The product is the first in the world to naturally combine antioxidants and high levels of fiber in a functional food. It is 100% natural, without sugar, and based on the juice of the Chilean grape Alicante Bouschet, a Maule product enriched with fiber and prebiotics.

Synergicfood is also sold through an online store managed by its representative in Europe, who is leading the commercial opening of the brand in Germany and its insertion in other eCommerce channels, as well as distribution in specialized stores.

“Although in Germany we have our own online shop, where we are also selling, being on Amazon implies a very large, and very recognized platform for the products. It is an advantage to be able to offer our product on Amazon. Synergicfood is very new for Europe and highly valued in Germany. It has also been very well received by consumers because it is healthy and today. They are very committed to finding products that are beneficial to their health, as well as being organic and have a traceability of their place of origin.

The fact that this product is from Chile and the Maule Region is very attractive,” says Johan Meesenburg, Synergicfood’s representative in Germany.

Likewise, Jorge Olavarría, founding partner of Andes Wisdom, emphasizes that “we started selling on June 24 and that same day, we already sold six units of the product, which speaks very well of Synergicfood and is a very positive response”.

The opening of the sales channel on Amazon will allow Synergicfood to reach a larger number of buyers and increase the visibility of this Chilean product in the European market.