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Chile Increases its Capabilities in the Global E-Commerce Market

September 14, 2020


Over the course of 2020, the forms of doing business in Chile has undergone drastic changes. Internet access now reaches 90% of Chile´s population, and the use of e-commerce has seen unprecedented growth in recent months, particularly a 200% growth in e-commerce usage in June 2020, as compared to the same period of 2019.

However, this trend is not just exclusive to Chile, and has developed into a global tendency, including for businesses around the world. Considering these developments, ProChile has been active in advancing and implementing new initiatives to incentivize the use of e-commerce as a vehicle of international trade; offering a wide range of goods and services on platforms around the world.

A key example of Chile´s proactiveness in the e-commerce sector is seen in China; where there is a notable presence of Chile and its companies in the three largest B2C platforms in the Chinese market: Tmall, JD, and PinDuoDuo. In Tmall, there are currently 11 Chilean companies that are active (6 more companies are in negotiations to enter into the platform), offering over 30 different high value-added products; which have generated over US$1.7 million in sales in recent timeframe. As of August 21st, Chilean products have been part of a special promotion on JD, the third largest e-commerce platform in the world. In the Chilean section of the platform, the strategy is to promote an initial offering of products with hopes of expanding the portfolio of Chilean products in the future. For example, consumers can currently find Chilean wines on JD, with hopes that in the future other liquors, honey, snacks, meats and fruits would become available to be sold through cross-border transactions. The Chilean section in PinDuoDuo is also active with a variety of products from Chile, favoring those that are already available in the Chinese market.

Another key example of Chile’s prioritization of global e-commerce in 2020 has been seen with developments made in Japan. Important progress was made through the inclusion of high value-added food and beverage products in important platforms that include Rakuten, Yahoo, and Amazon. This has been a way to explore a new, innovative business model, that has the ability to significantly reduce the costs of a traditional export, as well as to contribute to increasing the digital capacity of Chilean Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Additionally, ProChile has worked to launch and strengthen an exclusive e-commerce marketplace called ChileB2B; which aims to facilitate the search and development of business opportunities between importers and the many goods and services offered by Chilean companies. Currently this platform reaches over 1,100 importers in 105 countries, giving them easy access to over 2,000 goods and services from Chile.

We would like to invite you to learn more about Chile’s e-commerce presence and to see how your company can utilize these tools for your future business endeavors.



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