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Chile: One of the main innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems in Latin America presented in TNW Netherlands

July 06, 2020

innovationAmong South American markets, for a number of years, Chile has prioritized their efforts and work with both the public and private sectors with the goal to establish itself as an internationally recognized innovation hub in the region and to promote the generation of innovative business.

It is due to these credentials that the organizers of one of the most important technological meetings in Europe, and within the outstanding worldwide, were led to invite Chile on behalf of The Next Web, to speak about all the instruments that have been implemented to strengthen this economy.

The invitation was made jointly with Colombia, both of whom are member countries of the Pacific Alliance (a regional integration bloc that also includes Peru and Mexico)which have also placed a strong emphasis to the regional promotion and strengthening of innovation and entrepreneurship.

To represent Chile, Sofía del Sante, the Head of Innovation at ProChile, the Chilean General Directorate for Export Promotion, was invited to participate. At the meeting shepresented the main attributes and emphasis that this institution has placed on the subject. Colombia was represented by Juan Andrés Vásquez, Director of Ruta N Medellín and Luis Felipe Barrientos, Vice President of Scaling and Innovation at Innpulsa. The panel was moderated by David Fernández, Chief Growth Officer of Start-UP Chile, an outstanding program that has achieved multiple recognition and press publications worldwide, and that has also served as an inspiration for similar initiatives across the globe.

“Participating in the Couch Conference gives us the opportunity to present pioneering initiatives in Latin America, such as Start Up Chile and other programs that have been developed in our country with the goal to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. ProChile plays a fundamental role as a platform for the internationalization of more disruptive companies that contribute significantly to diversifying our exportable offer,” notes Osvaldo Marinao, Commercial Director of ProChile in the Netherlands.


In the course of the last ten years, through different institutions, Chile has made significant efforts to support the growth of innovation companies, with the objective that these generate an impact on employment, economic growth and diversification of the country’s economic matrix in the long term.

Chile, a country open to the world and to multilateralism, is convinced that the internationalization of a company and its success in foreign markets is directly related to its degree of innovation, as reflected in surveys carried out by the Government, following the guidelines of the OECD.

These studies have shown that those companies that export, innovate in a greater proportion than those that do not. This may indicate that going out to the foreign market is a motivating factor towards innovation; or that those that are able to innovate will have greater opportunities to present their offerings to foreign markets.

It is for this reason, that entities such as ProChile are committed to strongly supporting the internationalization of those enterprises that, due to their degree of innovation, have a high added value, which allows them to differentiate their exportable offer and increase its competitiveness at an international level.

In addition, Chile is the country with the most entrepreneurs in the OECD and that is why one of the country’s goals is to become the innovation and entrepreneurship hub of the Latin American region.