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Chile arrives at the Venice Film Festival’s market with new films and its first official delegation

August 28, 2018

Santiago, August 28th, 2018.- If 2017 marked the first year that ProChile’s sectorial brand, CinemaChile, attended the Venice Film Festival’s audiovisual market seeking out new spaces for Chilean production, this year our country will bring its presence to the market with three connoted producers and one talented director, who will bring their projects with them in hopes of finding new partners.

Hundreds of projects applied to participate in the Festival’s 75th edition, which will begin on August 29th and carry on until September 8th, but only 46 films were selected for the fifth edition of the Venice Gap-Financing Market. One of these is Blanquita, a film that is to be directed by the renowned Chilean producer Fernando Guzzoni and produced by Giancarlo Nasi from Quijote Films.BLANQUITA 1

Inspired by a year-long investigation into the Spiniak case, Blanquita’s Chilean financing is secured, and it is now attending the Italian market seeking sales partners and investors. The film’s producer states: “In Venice, we will be working within this market space that specializes on projects that are missing a minor percentage of their complete financing; this makes the type of professionals that one comes across to be different, because you’re not looking for an initial co-producer. Rather, you’re looking for a financier or a sales agent, which is a different type of deal and partner.”

Chile’s first official delegation in Venice

A year ago, CinemaChile –represented by its executive director, Constanza Arena— officially attended the Italian festival, participating in the market with a meeting-filled agenda and promoting the Chilean audiovisual industry amongst the local and European professionals that were present. This prospective mission opened the doors to supporting two Chilean professionals’ participation in the festival, with the objective of promoting the entrance of Chilean productions into one of the world’s most relevant festivals and markets.

This is how producer Pablo Calisto from Equeco will arrive at the Venice Production Bridge with the project Il Cileno, a feature-length fiction film whose screenplay is currently being written. The plot narrates the story of a Chilean who died in the 1970s from the explosion of the bomb he was building, in an attempt to carry out an attack on La Stampa, a newspaper in Turin.

“Il Cileno is a film that we at Equeco are developing starting from this year, and which must be made in co-production with Italy because it will be filmed in both countries. We want to secure this strategic association from the project’s development stage in order to take key decisions together, like for example, who the director will be. So we’re going to Venice with the idea of closing the co-production deals. We’ve already had some offers, after talking to a few interested production companies,” Calisto says.

On the other hand, Matías de Bourguignon, a producer from Jirafa, will travel to Italy with the feature films Dear Friend and The Gray Beyond, both directed Alejandro Fernández Almendras, and the currently developing film La vaca que cantó una canción sobre el futuro, directed by Francisca Alegría.

Bourguignon says: “The Italian market is attractive for Jirafa’s projects because there are financial incentives and creative synergies that encourage us to work with it on the projects that we are taking to Venice. Particularly with Alejandro Fernández’s new film, Dear Friend, a film that takes place between Italy and Africa. This is because the market has achieved a very unique congregation between Italian and African producers, due to the Final Cut in Venice program (a post-production workshop for films from Africa, Iraq, Palestine, amongst others), which allows us to meet with both industries, where we expect to find new partners. It’s truly an opportunity that can’t be missed.”

Currently, the Venice Production Bridge is giving producers the possibility of securing financing with several categories of financers that participate in the machinery needed to create a film. Distributors, sales agents, banks, public and private investment funds, regional and film industry commissions, diffusion organizations, video aggregators and Internet platforms, etc. All will come together from August 30th to September 4th in the context of this industry gathering, which CinemaChile will participate in for the first time, holding the activity “Focus on Chile”. This will consist of a briefing of the Chilean film industry’s panorama and a presentation of the sectorial brand in a panel entitled “Co-Production Agreements Between Italy and Chile, and the Relevance of Being a Member of Ibermedia,” in addition to a Q&A session regarding the Chilean projects present at the market.