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Chile facilitates foreign trade processes in order to face COVID-19

June 05, 2020

container-3118783_1280The National Customs Service has adopted a series of measures to facilitate foreign trade, in order to ensure the continued operations of the logistics industries, while protecting the health of the institution along with employees of the Customs Agencies that must be physically involved in a wide range of customs processes.

The public entity published a plan that consists of a series of concrete actions to simplify and ensure continued operations in all maritime, ground and air ports in Chile, through electronic means of communications and other digital tools.

In general, the measures adopted include:

  • All electronic based documents that must be processed should be sent in PDF form and the originals must be presented within 30 days of its submission, for which it is key that Customs Agents properly save and file these documents.
  • Physical reviews (aforos) can be authorized without requiring the physical presence of Customs employees or assistants. These requests must be made by email prior to the date of review, and the request will be responded to via e-mail.
  • Authorizes the granting of shipping decrees by email, as well as the possibility that Customs Agents and assistants can work remotely, and that base documents required to process imports and exports as well as the Request to Modify a Customs Document (SMDA) and the Legal Export Declaration, among other documents, can be received via e-mail.

An additional relevant action includes the release of goods that are currently in customs deposit facilities, which can be released by employees of a customs agency different than that was responsible for its entry. In order to do employ this action, one must submit a Simple Proxy and adopt the necessary control measures.


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