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A diversified offer and commitments to sustainability

May 06, 2019

29 Chilean companies supported bay ProChile will be will be attending Seafood Expo Global 2019 to reaffirm the nation’s strength as a seafood producer.


Brussels, May 6th, 2019.- Mussels, king crab, scallops, mackerel and salmon, among others, are part of ashutterstock_347532596 diversified offer with high added value that generated more than USD 7 billion in exports in 2018. The Chilean salmon industry, the second largest in the world and a key export driver, will also take the opportunity to announce the results of its sustainable development program.

With year-on-year growth of 20% in 2018, Chilean sea produce exports to Europe are reaping the benefits of the diversification policy of the last few years. The country has been able to optimize its sea resources, its pure waters and its long coastal zones in the South Pacific to expand a range of products from fishing and aquaculture.

“Developed over just three decades, the Chilean seafood industry now represents 36.4% of all Chilean food exports. Today Seafood Expo Global is an opportunity to introduce the diversity of this offering of fish, shellfish and fresh molluscs, produced in frozen form, canned and as part of prepared dishes and also the country’s commitment with sustainability”, says Susana Véliz, Chile’s Commercial Director in Belgium.

The Chilean salmon industry displays its ambition to develop sustainably

As a solution to the growing demand for seafood and sea produce and to rise to social and environmental challenges, the Chilean salmon industry has initiated a sustainable fish farming program. Seafood Expo Global has been chosen as the platform for the presentation of the sector’s 2018 Sustainable Management Report and as the venue for debating initiatives that will guide development for the coming years.

Chile is the second largest worldwide exporter of salmon after Norway. With exports of USD 5.18 billion in 2018, salmon represents 6.8% of the country’s total exports and 84% of sea produce exports. It plays a leading role in economic and social development, generating more than 61 000 jobs.

Chile’s national pavilion will be inaugurated on Tuesday, May 7th in the presence o his Excellency Ambassador Raúl Fernandez and the Chilean seafood industry representatives.