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US$ 1.008 billion

In 2016, services were exported for a total US$1.008 billion, representing 140 different types of services exported by 581 companies.
*According to Chilean Customs Service data


of the services exported were provided to countries with which Chile has Trade Agreements.
*According to Chilean Customs Service data

of all services were provided to Latin America,

28% to North America, 16% to Europe, 3% to Asia and 1% to Africa.
*According to Chilean Customs Service data

Chile has achieved international recognition for developing major exporting industries, such as mining, agro-industry and forestry, aquaculture, as well as developing economic sectors such as banking, health and construction. The construction industry has had to adapt to meet the enormous challenges of nature that Chile has faced in recent years.

Chile has used innovation and creativity to develop a service-exporting industry with technological and digital elements, along with highly skilled professionals, who work tirelessly to find answers to common and specific problems posed by various industries and production sectors – services that Chile wants to introduce to the rest of the world.

Chile’s goal is to become an exporter of world-renowned global services and, as a diligent and trusted supplier, the country is poised to achieve this. Chilean entrepreneurs turn constraints into opportunities and are drawn to new challenges.

  • First Place in logistical performance in Latin America
  • Rank 18 of 137 countries in ecosystems for entrepreneurship
  • Rank 10 worldwide in economic freedom
  • Leader in innovation in Latin America (global Innovation Index, 2017)
  • Number 1 for competitiveness in Latin America (The Global Competitiveness Report 2016- 2017)

Chile has an economy that is open to the world. It has signed 26 trade agreements, 19 of which have chapters or provisions on trade in services. It has a preferential regulatory framework in place for trade in services with over 30 economies on four continents, equivalent to nearly 75% of global trade in services.

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Our country also participates in plurilateral agencies that aim to liberalize the service trade through the Trade In Services Agreement (TISA), the Pacific Alliance and is a member of the Latin American Association of Service Exporters (ALES).

Some examples of the visibility achieved by Chilean services are the Pritzker Prize awarded to Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena, and the 2016 Oscar won by PunkRobot, the studio behind the best short animated film “Bear Story”.

ProChile is currently working on promoting the following service sectors:

Technological Services (ITCS)

Custom-made Technological Solutions (ITO, BPO, KPO) and their verticals on:

Services for banking and retail, services for education, services for health, for eCommerce and retail, Smart City.

Professional services and consultation on:





With service verticals for mining, agriculture and agro-industry.

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