Chilean Exporters
Compradores Internacionales


ProChile is the Chilean government’s export promotion bureau.

ProChile connects Chilean exporters with international demand through its 57 offices in 43 countries around the world and its 16 offices in Chile – one in each region.

Having such a significant presence in Chile provides insight into the products and services that are available throughout our country and the characteristics of the companies that offer them, while our global presence means we can identify the needs and requirements of different importers and/or buyers in different international markets.


Since ProChile was set up in 1974, the range of goods and services our country has available for export (excluding copper) has increased sixty-two-fold (62). This dynamism is explained by the excellent access conditions Chile has negotiated by signing twenty-six free trade agreements with sixty-four trading partners. These agreements and partners represent 64% of the world's population and 86% of global GDP.

In practice, ProChile's offices facilitate contact between importers and Chile's exportable goods and services and with Chilean export companies from different industries.

ProChile has set up an intensive training plan to ensure that the Chilean companies that venture out into the world's markets have the qualities and knowledge they need to be able to attend to international customers.

ProChile organiza

Exporter capacity building workshops

These workshops are designed to provide Chilean exporters with an understanding of the markets where they want to position their products or services. ProChile gives companies the tools to be able to analyze market size, the development or potential growth of demand, their level of competency, local requirements in terms of the entry or sale of products, the existence of non-tariff barriers and distribution channels.

Coaching for exporters

The Exporter Coaching Programme gives Chilean companies the opportunity to learn about what is involved in the export process from experienced coaches, Chilean entrepreneurs who have already gone through the process and are willing to share their experience, including failures and successes.

Public competition for export promotion activities

This is a public competition to support export promotion projects and it is open to both current exporters and those with the potential to export. Chilean business people can apply with business or industry-wide initiatives, which must incorporate strategies for either prospecting the market or positioning a product or service in the market.

Participation in international trade fairs

ProChile takes the Chile-branded pavilion to more than 50 international trade fairs. Chilean companies can have a presence in the pavilion at these events, gaining direct contact with importers, distributors, wholesalers and opinion leaders and showcasing their brand to the thousands of visitors who attend the fairs.

Public Competition to promote industry-specific brands abroad

This is a public competition for projects that seek to boost a particular Chilean industry through the creation and implementation of a brand that represents that industry (such as SalmonChile, Fruits from Chile, Learn Chile, Shoot in Chile).

The bounty of our land delivered to your table

This is ProChile’s new tool for promoting food and drink products, where Chilean companies can take part in international tours and participate in technical visits, bilateral meetings and promotional activities for Chilean food products designed to connect them with importers, distributors, opinion leaders and the written and digital press.

Business meetings with international importers

ProChile holds business meetings in Chile and abroad throughout the year focussed on different industries (services, foods, industry). These meetings give Chilean businesspeople the opportunity to meet importers and buyers from different countries around the world.