Chilean Exporters
Compradores Internacionales

This ProChile program supports Chilean productive sectors’ efforts to strengthen their international position through the design and implementation of sectorial brands that represent national productive sectors in order to contribute to Chile’s image abroad.

This program is an eloquent example of how various sectors can work together to promote Chile’s image as a reliable provider of products and services in the world.

It not only seeks to generate partnerships between private entities, but also requires public-private efforts, thus encouraging the construction of a sustainable umbrella brand for the international promotion of national export sectors.

This tool accompanies brands from inception, helping them identify their distinguishing characteristics and generate their narrative. It also supports their efforts to select the markets to which they will export products.

It is thus a long-term effort that also allows the brands to leverage Chile’s reputation
as a safe and reliable country.


Chile Música

Chilemúsica is the brand developed by the Independent Music Industry Guild Association of Chile, IMICHILE alongside ProChile, which seeks to bring awareness to the Chilean music industry and position it globally, in order to facilitate access and networking in other markets.

Target markets: Spain, Mexico and Peru.

Our goal is to make the Chilean music industry more visible and to position it –including all its features: audacious, creative and proactive– in a global context and in a formal manner, in order to facilitate access and networking in other markets.

Chile Olive Oil

The Chile Olive Oil brand is the result of a public-private partnership between the Chilean Association of Olive Oil Producers (Asociación Chilena de Productores de Aceite de Oliva, ChileOliva A.G.) and ProChile. Its goal is to highlight the comparative advantages that Chile enjoys for the production of extra virgin olive oil and the product’s exceptional characteristics.

Target markets: United States and Brazil

For savvy, adventurous gourmets who are passionate about good food, Chile Olive Oil is pioneering the art + science of olive oil.

Bridging the rustic heritage of the Old World and the contemporary audacity of the New World while combining the craftsmanship of traditional olive oil production with the dependability and scale of modern technology, Chile Olive Oil brings savvy gourmets the best of both worlds so that they can boldly experience the flavors of life.

Chile Pork

The ChilePork brand is the result of a public-private partnership among the Chilean Pork Exporters’ Association (Asociación Gremial de Exportadores de Cerdos – Exporcarnes), the Chilean Pork Producers’ Association (Asociación Gremial de Productores de Cerdos de Chile – Asprocer) and ProChile. Its goal is to strengthen the position of ChilePork in the Asian market, highlighting Chile’s image and improving the competitive position of the product in order to deepen and maintain long-term commercial ties with importers, distributors and opinion leaders in China, South Korea and Japan.

Target markets: China, South Korea and Japan

Chile’s natural safety and ongoing commitment to its industry make Chilean pork a completely reliable product.

Espumante Chile

The Espumante Chile brand is the result of a public-private partnership between Wines of Chile and ProChile. It seeks to develop distinctive positioning of Chilean sparkling wines and generate brand recognition through promotional efforts among Japanese end consumers.

Target market: Japan

Espumante Chile positions Chilean sparkling wines through the freshness of Chile’s geography, including its towering mountains, proximity to the coast and the natural elements that make Chile a phytosanitary island, free from any adverse effects on our sparkling wines. Espumante Chile invites you to live a more fresh and natural life.

Wines of Chile

The Wines of Chile brand is a public-private partnership between industry association Wines of Chile and ProChile. It seeks to position Chile as an unparalleled producer of sustainable, diverse and premium quality wines ranging from elegant cold-climate wines to full-bodied, fruity selections featuring consistent quality and value. The brand’s main objective is to increase the average price per bottle sold in foreign markets, thus contributing to the positioning of Chilean wines abroad.

Target markets: United States, Brazil and China

The Chilean wine industry seeks to position itself as a provider of premium and high-end wines that are sustainable and diverse, offering exceptional quality and unparalleled availability and consistency with the best value at all price points.

Merluza Austral Chile

The Merluza Austral Chile brand is the result of a public-private partnership between the Industrial Fishing Association of the Region X, XI and XII Macrozone (Federación Gremial de Industriales Pesqueros de la Macro Zona X, XI y XII Regiones - FIPES) and ProChile. It seeks to strengthen the degree to which consumers value this product and increase preference for southern hake (Merluccius australis), particularly in the high-end culinary sector and among consumers seeking products of excellence in the Spanish market.

Target market: España

The quality of Chile’s southern hake makes it an ideal product for both simple and complex recipes. Its meat is white and exceptionally smooth. It is easy to debone, allowing for a wide variety of cuts. This is a light, healthy product that is highly prized in the world of haute cuisine. Southern hake’s sensory properties and characteristics are very much connected to the gourmet world. Its color, flavor and texture set it apart as the queen of hake.

Patagonia Mussel

Patagonia Mussel is the result of a public-private partnership between the Mussel Producers Association (Asociación Gremial de Mitilicultores de Chile A.G. – AmiChile) and ProChile. Its goal is to position the Patagonia Mussel brand in international markets through campaigns aimed at trend-setting opinion leaders in each country, diversifying the destination markets for Chilean exports.

Target markets: Russia, Brazil, China, United States

Chilean mussels are high quality, 100% natural products farmed in the cold, clean waters of the South Pacific. This is a healthy, nutritious product with excellent flavor that represents the best of Chilean seafood.

Salmón from Chile

Salmon from Chile is the result of a public-private partnership between the Salmon Industry Association of Chile (Asociación de la Industria del Salmón de Chile A.G. - SalmonChile) and ProChile. It seeks to strengthen the position of Chilean salmon in Brazil’s largest cities–São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro–and increase its presence in both cities through traditional media (magazines, TV, outdoor advertising) and at points of sale and on social media. The goal is to achieve consumer recognition of the product’s origin.

Target market: Brazil

Salmon from Chile is a delicious, versatile product for the whole family. It is part of a happy, healthy, colorful lifestyle that is full of flavor. Salmon from Chile: The color of flavor, the color of life.

Fruits from Chile

The Fruits from Chile brand is the result of a public-private partnership between the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (Asociación de Exportadores de Fruta de Chile, ASOEX) and ProChile. This partnership is aimed at strengthening the positioning of Chilean fruit around the world, emphasizing the virtues of its place of origin, product quality and the dedication of Chilean workers. These are key factors that have transformed Chile into a global leader in the fruit business.

Target markets: United States, Europe and Asia.

Fruits from Chile are harvested by hard-working hands at the southernmost tip of the American continent, along the Pacific coast. Chile offers exceptional geographic and climate conditions that guarantee a high-quality, reliable and delicious product that represents the best of Chile and the spirit of its people.

Cherries from Chile

The Cherries from Chile brand is the result of a public-private partnership between the Chilean Fresh Fruit Exporters Association (Asociación de Exportadores de Frutas de Chile A.G. – ASOEX) and ProChile. Its goal is to position the brand among end consumers in the Asian market to increase consumption, penetration and purchase frequency of Chilean cherries in this segment during peak arrival periods for the product. Special emphasis will be placed on the period prior to and during the Lunar New Year, highlighting the attributes that differentiate the brand.

Target markets: China and South Korea

Enjoy your red moment!

Learn Chile

The Learn Chile brand is a public-private partnership made up of 23 Chilean institutions of higher education located in 11 regions of the country and ProChile. It is designed to internationalize the country’s higher education sector by raising awareness of our country’s advantages as a destination for studying. The effort focuses on markets where there is demand for short-term international study programs and semester-long exchange programs, including Spanish and Latin American culture courses and graduate programs.

Markets: Brazil, United States, Europe, China and Latin America.

Chile is one of the world’s most comprehensive educational and travel destinations. The full complement of characteristics–geographic, cultural, among others–that make the country an attractive destination are underpinned by sustained economic growth.

Cinema Chile

The CinemaChile brand is the result of a public-private partnership between the Association of Film and Television Producers (Asociación de Productores de Cine y Televisión, APCT) and ProChile. This brand seeks to position Chilean audiovisual production globally through a presence at major events and a comprehensive marketing, communications and public relations strategy aimed at key stakeholders in the audiovisual industry in Europe, the Americas and, increasingly, Asia.

Target markets: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Japan.

Making Chilean FILMS - CONTENT - PEOPLE Global

Shoot in Chile

The Shoot in Chile brand is the result of a public-private partnership between the Audiovisual Production Services Association (Asociación de Productoras de Servicios de Producción Audiovisual A.G., APSP), the Chilean Film Commission and ProChile. Its goal is to position Chile in international markets as an audiovisual production services platform for advertising, film, television, documentaries and photography.

The brand is based on a sustained growth strategy aimed at increasing demand for film and photography production in Chile.

Target markets: United States and Europe (France and Germany)

Positioning strategy: Chile is a world-class production center. It is strong, reliable, stable, and safe country with unique, easy-to-reach locations and the technical and human capital required for world-class productions.



The SISMICA brand is the result of a public-private partnership between the Chilean Association of Contemporary Art Galleries (AGAC) and ProChile. Its goal is to promote Chilean visual arts internationally. The target segment consists of intermediaries such as galleries, art fair directors, curators, museum directors, art publishing companies and art consultants.

Target markets: Latin America, United States

Chilean Network for the Visual Arts

Arquitectura de Chile

The Architecture of Chile brand is the result of a public-private partnership between the Association of Architecture Firms (Asociación de Oficinas de Arquitectos A.G. - AOA) and ProChile. Its goal is to position Chilean architectural services in international markets through campaigns that highlight their attributes, strengths and comparative advantages as well as exportable competitive aspects and the work of the industry organization.

It is important to note that Chilean architecture has become a point of reference in recent years, strengthened by international recognition of Chilean firms and architects. These include Alejandro Aravena, who in 2016 was awarded the Pritzker Prize and appointed curator of the Venice Biennale, the world’s most important architecture event.

Target markets: China, Peru and Colombia

Positioning strategy: Cutting-edge architecture that addresses geographic and climate diversity, seismic safety and sustainability as essential components of every project.


CHILEDOC is the brand name representing the documentary film sector, created in 2018 under a public-private partnership between ProChile and the Cultural Corporation of Documentalists. The purpose of this initiative is to position the documentary film sector internationally through the sector’s brand name and develop a strategy that is communicationally consistent with Chile’s country image and film industry. The contribution of the sector’s brand name to positioning the sector lies in the collaborative work it carries out. One of the key aspects to positioning and leveraging companies within the same sector is that they work in partnership, building on the reputation that Chile holds as a serious and dependable country, thus increasing their chances at the international level.

Target markets: Mexico, France, Colombia and China
Positioning strategy: “For better or worse, we are an exception. We’re at the very bottom, the farthest left on the map. A historical, social, economic and cultural anomaly that defines us and sets us apart from the rest.” A change in the variables that has defined a change in the result:
We are not a sector, but a collective force.
We are not represented, but representatives.
We are not just one more, we are outliers.
Masters of a different path, of an alternative formula “CHILEDOC The Outlier Way”
Attributes of the Sector’s Brand Name: · Origin, of an atypical nature · Quality, from the commitment of partnership · Character, from a human sensitivity

Ch1l3, a digital country_

The Ch1l3, a digital country_ brand is the result of a public-private partnership between the Chilean Software and IT Services Association (Sociedad Chilena de Software y Servicios A.G-CHILETEC) and ProChile. It seeks to facilitate the export and international development of Chile’s global services and technology industry, strengthening Chile’s image and positioning as a platform for high-tech business.

Target markets: United States, Mexico, Colombia and Peru

Positioning strategy: “In Chile, both public and private services are fully digital. The country’s digital infrastructure and high-level human resources allow technology to be used to achieve efficiency in all productive industries.”

Chile Manufactura

The Chile Manufactura brand is the result of a public-private partnership between the Chilean Association of Engineering Firms (Asociación de Empresas Consultoras de Ingeniería de Chile A.G. – AIC) and ProChile. Its goal is to strengthen the international positioning of Chile Manufactura in the Latin American market. The brand originated from the need to bring together small manufacturers to pool their export capacity through a strategy of marketing, communications and business relationships, highlighting Chile as a country that produces manufactured goods with added value.

Target markets: Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

The raw material we work with is persistent effort. Learn how Chile’s constantly improving manufacturing sector can contribute to your business.

Prunes from Chile

Prunes from Chile is the result of a public-private partnership between the Association of Chilean Prune Exporters and Processors and ProChile. Its goal is to position prunes as a high-quality food produced by a trustworthy industry and Chile as the leading exporter to key European, Asian and Latin American markets.

Target markets: China, South Korea, Japan, Europe and Mexico

The landscapes of a climate region are the perfect backdrop for growing a product that is featured in the most exquisite gourmet dishes. Chilean prunes are a leading product in the international market thanks to their premium quality and flavor.

Walnuts from Chile

The Walnuts from Chile brand is the result of a public-private partnership among the Chilean Walnut Commission, the Association of Chilean Walnut Producers and Exporters (Asociación de productores y exportadores de nueces de Chile A.G., CHILENUT) and ProChile. It seeks to position Chilean walnuts as the best in the world, highlighting their exceptional growing conditions with the strictest quality standards and shipment to markets around the world, where their exquisite qualities appeal to consumers.

Target markets: Europe, South Korea and China.

The strategy for positioning Chilean walnuts in European and Asian markets has focused on promoting the product as “the best walnut in the world,” highlighting its renowned quality and emphasizing its color, flavor and freshness.