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There’s more to Chile than its accolades as a land blessed with wine, fruit and landscapes, the latter leading to the country being crowned the “Best Adventure Tourism Destination in South America” by the World Travel Awards.

Today, the country located in the most southern part of Latin America, has an emerging creative industry that has been recognised globally through its two Oscar awards won for cinematic production and animation (“Una Mujer Fantástica”, 2018 and “Bear Story”, 2016), as well as increasing interest in its design sector.

This shifting landscape has given rise to dreams to restore and reinvent creative practices that reflect Chilean values and identities, a movement led by talented young designers.

These sustainable and highly innovative designs, made from locally-sourced materials from Chile’s various regions will be showcased for the first time in Life in Style Melbourne in 2018.

The involvement of eight footwear designers in the expo; Bestias, Giani da Firenze, Javiera Poch, La Sebastiana, Nalca, Tada, Zapatería Lastarria and Zapatería Maestra, and four accessory and jewelry brands; Bicla, Cocodrilo Bazar, Victoria Alonso and Zurda, illustrates that this emerging Chilean industry is characterised by high quality craftmanship and signature works. Life in Style Melbourne in 2018 will be an opportunity to see designs with a uniquely Chilean identity that have a considered creative and production process, resulting in sustainable and timeless pieces.

Proudly supported by ProChile – the Chilean government’s export promotion bureau.

Participating brands


We are Bicla, a brand located in the Aconcagua Valley, Chile. We design and fabricate bags, backpacks and bike bags for the everyday adventurer.

We bring concepts from the outdoors to the city, so that even the urban environment has a charm for the everyday adventurer. Any city is different experienced on a bike, and our bags will share those moments with you.

Designed in the mountains for city life.


We believe a shoe tells a story.

The story of who you are, where you`ve been, and where you want to go.

Bestias wants to join your journey and become part of your story.

The pursuit of making genuine designs, excellence with manufacturing, and the best natural materials come together to create ""modern classics"" of high quality and style. All of our goods are produced in our own factory by expert craftsmen who inherited this noble trade for generations, and have survived the past industry’s collapse.

The name Bestias (Beast) was inspired by the notion that like animals, humans share the instinct to live and create. Bestias is all those men and women who live and are driven by their creative instinct. Whether they are pursuing career goals, playing sport or exploring a new activity, they identify with artistic expression and the cultivation of a free spirit.

Cocodrilo Bazar

Cocodrilo is a brand of bags and backpacks since 2008.

All products are made by women in Santiago of Chile and our products are made one by one with dedication.

Cocodrilo is the first design brand in Latin America to be certified VEGAN by P.E.T.A.

Cocodrilo is ethical design, love and dedication.

Giani da Firenze

Recovering the trade.

More than three decades of expert artisan experience in the footwear industry is reflected in each Giani Da Firenze piece, working together with a creative young team to produce more than 80 designs per year.

Our brand cares about the shoemaker's trade sustainability: we have rescued it and we want it to last over time, like our shoes. This is why we use quality materials from our land, to make unique designs with countless combinations of colours and a mix of textures, illustrating the meticulous detail selection and ‘disruptive’ character of our founder.

We are a brand committed to leading-edge, quality design in each one of our shoes.

We are a family, we are creators, we are a trade. We are Giani Da Firenze.

Javiera Poch

Our company devotes itself to the design and creation of high-end women and men shoes, incorporating our author's designs and the best materials of the Latin and European market, such as leather from Argentina and 24-carat gold hardware from Spain, among others. All our designs are made by master shoemakers to create unique shoes.

La Sebastiana

We are a Chilean footwear brand founded in 2012.

Our work is set out by very simple lines and unique and timeless designs, using textures, colours and the morphology of our landscapes as a source of inspiration, communication and brand value.

Each of our shoes are handmade by expert craftsmen, using only local quality materials, seeking to rescue the ancient art of shoe making.

Quality, comfort and avant-garde are three of our main guidelines to deliver a final product of excellence.

We advocate a manner of working based on alliances of respect and fair-trade amongst our co-workers and collaborators.

Zapateria Lastarria

We are shoemakers from Chile. We combine the romanticism of the art of handmade shoes with the search for a cosmopolitan, emerging Santiago, resulting in a mixture of the modern world with leather and noble materials.

Just like SOHO in NY, Palermo in Buenos Aires, Lastarria is the most exclusive and cosmopolitan neighbourhood in Santiago.


Nalca is a Chilean brand created with the purpose of bringing back the handcrafted shoe art. To accomplish this goal, we propose the use of traditional fabrication techniques along with noble materials from our national industry.

Therefore, each pair is handcrafted by local experts, which ensures results with the highest standards of quality. The design of Nalca shoes rescues the essence of classic models, leather and texture contrast in addition to details in traditional techniques.


Through design and a return to the footwear making trade, we develop comfortable and flexible shoes. The inspiration of our brand, Tada, comes from Tadasana, the yoga posture that means “to stand well.

For the construction of our shoes we have taken elements from Dr. Emmi Pikler, an Austro-Hungarian paediatrician of the early 20th century. She proposes a new motor system education method through the freedom of movement. Every pair of shoes that we create is handmade, 100% leather and with a natural rubber sole. No pair is the same as the next, the colours and the textures may vary but each of them preserves Tada’s principles of comfort, quality and design.

In this line of exclusiveness and singularity we create design capsules and limited editions. We don’t create big collections, but we motivate our followers to collect and live the experience of having a unique and special pair of shoes.

Victoria Alonso

Victoria Alonso Jewels gives the chance to carry a little piece of our Chilean soil to a cosmopolitan woman.

Chile, a mining country, leading producer of copper metal, is made known to the world through the manufacture of unique handmade pieces of jewellery, in copper, silver and gold.

All of our jewels are produced in collections that represent the nature of our country and are inspired by women, in their essence.

Zapateria Maestra

Inspired by a classic style, Zapateria Maestra is a sophisticated and timeless collection of shoes designed and handcrafted in Santiago, Chile.

The shoes are simple, elegant and comfortable, ideal for the contemporary urban lifestyle of fashion minded women.


Zurda is a Chilean brand created by María Paz Cuadra in 2014 with the intent of spreading Chile’s identity through pieces of contemporary jewellery.

Every piece is 100% handmade by Maria Paz and her team- together they gather materials, design, and produce every collection always focusing on sustainability. Cuadra’s goal is to offer unique objects that tell a story and stand out for their craftmanship.

Zurda is known for experimenting and incorporating non-traditional materials. Zurda speaks from the other side of jewellery.

The brand questions the present and proposes a new way of looking at and valuing jewellery- with a deep respect for the materials, nature and the process of transformation. These materials include coal from Patagonia, desert dust from the Atacama desert, and salvaged silver. This artist seeks to add value to often underused matter. Her idea is to re-evaluate the concept of value itself.

As far back as she can remember, Maria Paz has made all kinds of jewellery. Today, in her studio located in Santiago de Chile, Maria Paz is dedicated to creating pieces for people who want to express themselves through what they wear.

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