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Chile has unique geographical, climatic and human characteristics that create unrivalled conditions for producing quality food that is appreciated around the world.

A long, thin strip of land in southwest South America, Chile is a country that attracts attention and its diverse geography never fails to surprise.

Chile has the most transparent skies and some of the world's most significant freshwater reserves. It also has unique geographical and climatic conditions that transform it into a phytosanitary island.

The Atacama Desert to the north, the Andes mountain chain to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the southern ice sheets in the far south are natural barriers that isolate Chile's food production from pests and diseases.

The climatic conditions are also surprising: from north to south, Chile has a wide range of climate types. The most important is the Mediterranean type, which predominates in the central part of the country and enables Chile to have a wide range of food products. Another important characteristic is the Chilean people, who combine the ancestral wisdom of our original peoples with a love for the earth and its products that has developed over the centuries. They have also embraced new production processes, technology and innovative trends.

The result is food products that the world appreciates and enjoys every day. The world chooses Chilean food products, which are a source of life.

Innocuity: Natural phytosanitary barriers, which isolate Chilean foods, keeping them free from pests and diseases. In Chile, we do not have foot and mouth disease, fruit flies, phylloxera or other diseases. We also have a policy of strict sanitary control.

Quality: The result of our combination of geography, climate, experience and professionalism. Taken together, these characteristics enable Chile to produce food which is world-renowned for its quality.

International Guarantee: Appreciation and recognition in global markets. Our attributes and long track record in international trade enable us to provide guarantees for our products, which are valued by consumers on every continent.

Trazabilidad: Seguimiento completo del proceso productivo, el que se realiza bajo estrictos estándares de calidad y permiten contar con una oferta certificada.

Natural Flavour: Purity and freshness from the place of origin. Thanks to our climate and geography - very warm summers, cold winters, fertile soils and other factors - our products are a source of life.

Chilean food products have a leading role in international markets.

Fresh grapes/ Fresh blueberries/ Fresh plums/ Dehydrated apples/ Mussels/ Frozen salmon fillets / Toasted malt/ Smoked sea urchin roe

The world's second biggest exporter:
Frozen raspberries/ Prunes/ Fishmeal

The world's third biggest exporter:
Raisins/ Walnuts/ Frozen turkey pieces/ Agar-Agar/ Inulin/ Shelled walnuts/ Frozen Chilean jack mackerel

Before the arrival of the European Conquistadors, the Amerindian people lived together in small communities. They cultivated the land and sailed the seas, always taking care to preserve the pristine cycles of nature.

Until the arrival of the Spaniards in the 16th century, Chile was the Garden of Origin, the least populated land of South America, protected by the desert, the ocean, the mountains and the ice sheets, which formed natural barriers.

In 1646, chronicler Alonso de Ovalle wrote: “Being come from the Kingdom of Chile into Europe, I observed that there was so little known of the parts I came from, that in many places the very name of Chile had not been heard of. This made me think myself obliged to satisfy, in some measure, the desire of many curious persons, who pressed me to communicate to the world a thing so worthy of its Knowledge.” Chile remains a closely-guarded secret to this day. The Garden of Origin is a privileged place on Earth, where the people, climate and geography bring together the perfect combination of characteristics and qualities in its produce.


Total surface area:

2,006,096 square kilometres

Latitudinal range:

from 17°30’ S to 56°30’ S of America

Maximum width:

445 km (Magallanes Region and Chilean Antarctic)

Minimum width:

90 km (Coquimbo Region)


18,006,407 inhabitants (projected to 2015)



Official language:


Indigenous languages:

Mapudungun, Aymara, Rapanui and Quechua.


Ranging from desert in the north to glaciers in the far south, Chile's natural diversity is unrivalled. Different climate types provide unique attributes and conditions, making Chile an important player in the global food industry A reliable supplier of safe, healthy food that meets the highest standards demanded by international consumers.

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