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  Between October 3 and 6


Chilean companies:

Companies with the status of legal or natural persons, taxed in the first category, exporters and/or that have an exportable offer of the prioritized solutions and services.



This sector presents a great growth potential, mainly based on the new worldwide trends that seek to reduce releases, to improve clean and sustainable energy matrices and to incorporate with greater force the energy efficiency within the processes. As sectorial data, Chile has the first place as investment destination in Renewable Energies (Src: (Fte: Climatescope 2020, by Bloomberg) and also leads in solar energy in Latin America (Bid Invest), along with some trends detected in Latin America, such as, energy alternatives for lower resources socioeconomic levels, the increase of community and environmental conscience, the development of new energy projects based on clean energy matrix, the efficient incorporation of energy in productive processes, among others, open up a real business opportunity for companies in this sector.

NCRE projects can go from Utility scale (big projects) to distributed generation projects (commercial, residential). The technologies which usually make up these projects are imported (ex. photovoltaic modules, investors, etc.), performing a development and installation work of the projects. In this way, the export potential is given in project development in other countries (engineering, assembly, and construction of projects), with local partners, at all levels, and in the services supply for design of those projects.

Offer Description: :

  • Engineering Design
  • Implementation
  • Optimization based on artificial intelligence or other.
  • Analysis, design, enablement, optimization, verification and/or monitoring
  • Non-conventional renewable energies (NCRE): Technological solutions related to solar, hydro, wind and other non-conventional energy, in management, production, storage, distribution and maintenance; as well as renewable heating, leed and intelligent buildings, among others.
  • Water solutions: Technological solutions related to treatment systems, sanitation, desalination, production, transmission, distribution, water efficiency, irrigation systems, among others.
  • Electromobility: Technological solutions related to the conversion of transportation systems to electric and other non-conventional renewable energy systems, production, distribution, and maintenance of electromobility vehicles.
  • Green Hydrogen: Technological solutions related to the production, storage, distribution, and maintenance of green hydrogen plants.

Smart cities correspond to a sub-sector mostly of ICTs (but not exclusively). (but not exclusively). It also considers all those services that are developed with the aim of helping to improve the quality of life of citizens in an efficient, participatory, and sustainable way. These include AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) solutions and services that are focused on smart cities.

Among the main business areas where this offering is concentrated (areas for which solutions are offered), we can highlight Mobility and urban logistics, Sustainability and Environment, Management in the face of Emergencies, Government, Citizen Security, etc.

Offer Description:

  • Urban Mobility and Logistics
  • Environment
  • Citizen Security
  • Government
  • Energy
  • Information and solutions for the territory
  • Emergency Management



The Architecture offices can offer a comprehensive service offer for their different specialities, such as social housing, development of residential architecture projects and interior architectural design, institutional and heritage, hospital, educational, sports, industrial, tourism, retail, urban planning, as well as specific consultancy in terms of real estate, energy efficiency or others.

Offer Description:

  • Heritage Design and Reconstruction
  • Infrastructure Design (educational, hospital, sports, tourism, etc.).
  • Urban Planning and Design
  • Housing Architecture Design (1st/2nd housing)
  • Sustainable Design (sustainable construction and green architecture)
  • Commercial Architecture Design, Retail, Interior and Service Architecture Design
  • Digital Solutions (BIM, augmented reality, others)

Chilean engineering has achieved recognition and prestige mainly in the areas of seismic design structure, mining and energy project engineering, port, airport and road infrastructure development, software development and development of industrial projects associated to cellulose, agroindustry, and fishing. The good positioning of our country in this industry has caused international recognition for the competitiveness, staidness and commitment of national engineers, characteristics reinforced and enhanced by the image that Chile has placed worldwide.

Offer Description:

  • Multidisciplinary Engineering Studies (Industrial Plants, Energy, Seismic, Transportation, etc.)
  • Specialized Consulting (environmental consulting, technical site inspections, etc.)
  • General Infrastructure (roads, ports, airports, railways, urban, etc.)
  • Hydraulic and Sanitary Works
  • Contract Administration
  • Solutions and Services (Digitalization, BIM and others)

Chilean construction, across all its dimensions, is characterised for the quality and staidness of its companies, which doubtlessly constitutes a valuable resource for its expansion in the region. The construction industry internationalisation, focused on South America, exports its model based on pillars such as: constructive quality and management efficiency, both elements based on resource optimisation. The management, know-how and technology of national companies are the main strengths when participating in other markets. Because of that, more than 150 companies associated to CCHC have businesses abroad, mainly in markets like Peru (mostly), Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, and the United States. Most businesses are focused on property and public works projects. Lately, there has been a great development of solutions focused on the construction industrialisation, as well as in solutions whose objective is to improve the sector’s productivity, all the above also incorporating the sustainability and innovation as central characteristics.

Offer Description:

  • Real Estate Development
  • Building and Housing
  • Civil Works and Assemblies for Infrastructure Projects (mining and energy, ports, airports, roads, tourism; general industry (forestry, petrochemical, etc.).
  • Technologies and methodologies for the construction and real estate sector
  • Digital solutions and optimization services for the construction process (BIM, Digitalization, others). Design and development of software applied to construction, architecture, and real estate (pre-existing adaptable software or original design). Design and development of applications for real estate sales. Services that using technology contribute to generate more efficient constructions (Smart Building). 3D modeling services.