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Development of e-commerce promotion strategies, which favor the entry and positioning of Chilean products or services, in marketplaces or international e-commerce platforms: Consultancies, Marketing Plan and Studies.

This activity has the following scope:

  1. Consultancies: Financing of consultancies that allow the e-commerce channel to be implemented within the internationalization commercial strategies.

Market access and competitiveness analysis:

  • Analysis of potential marketplaces or platforms to enter according to the exportable offer.

  • Benchmarking / competition analysis – category.

  • Entry barriers.

  • Strategic advice for market entry.

  • Study of potential marketplaces or e-commerce platforms.

  • Pricing strategies.

  • Legal advice for market access.

  • Advice to obtain trademark registration at destination (the cost associated with the trademark registration is not financed by ProChile).

  • Accounting advice. 

Logistics: Consultancies related to fulfillment (warehousing and logistics) at destination, to integrate and perform well in the digital channel.

  • Study of the distribution channel associated with e-commerce in destination.

  • Gathering of information related to logistics, warehousing, and distribution companies in the target market (importers, fulfillment, distributors, last mile or others related).

Management and optimization of platforms: Consultancies, management, and optimization of business accounts on international platforms or national platforms directed abroad:

  • Account creation, platform integration, store design, creation and optimization of listings, store optimization, training in platform operation, performance analysis, among others.

  1. Marketing Plan and Commercial Promotion: Development and / or implementation of a "Marketing and Commercial Promotion Plan" to position your products or services within the different marketplaces or international platforms.

This plan includes:

  • Strategies and actions for the implementation of marketing and digital communications.

  • Investment plan in digital marketing and communications.

  • Design and launch of promotional campaigns.

  • Hiring of influencers.

  • Design of discount campaigns.

  • Other promotional proposals.

     3. Studies:

  • Market studies related to e-commerce in different markets.

  • Studies related to evaluating the implementation of payment gateways.

  • Cost-benefit studies of international billing options and conversion to local currency.

  • Studies to analyze the potential of the exportable offer in the e-commerce channel according to different markets.

  • Other studies related to e-commerce.




  • Consultancies, advisories, and services.

  • Professional fees.

  • Digital marketing.

  • Development and / or improvement of the website.

  • Translation services.

  • Shipment of samples.

  • Expenses in advertising media.

  • Design, development of promotional material, printing, and image.

  • Cost of guarantees. *

  • Administration expenses. **

* Item only for projects financed through advance payment, which must be charged only in one of the selected activities.

** Only for Sectorial projects.