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Frequently Asked Questions

The expenses associated with the execution of the project can only be incurred from the date on which the Resolution approving the agreement is fully processed. With the exception of the expenses of the guarantee, in the case of advance payment mode projects.

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The deadlines for submitting the report depend on the type of public resources allocation mode:

  • Reimbursement Mode: Up to 20 calendar days from the end of each activity included in the project.
  • Advance payment mode: The payment must be made on a monthly basis, within the first 20 calendar days of the month following the month in which the current payment is being made. This obligation will begin to apply once the public resources have been allocated.

In the event that the deadline falls on a non-business day, the report must be submitted no later than the following business day.

Link to the video tutorial.

You have 10 business days to repay the funds, starting from the date of notification of the last account analysis or the date indicated by the supervisor.

  • They must be legible.
  • They must be unamended and unaltered.
  • They must be complete and in good condition.
  • Smaller documents must be pasted individually on a blank sheet of paper.
  • All documentation must be submitted stapled or in a binder or folder.

Proof that the supporting documents have already been paid for. Attach the following:

  • Cash Payments: Tax documents, invoice or other, corresponding to the acquisition of goods or provision of services.
  • Payments by Electronic Bank Transfer: Receipt of the transfer made (to the supplier's RUT).
  • Payments by International Transfer: Receipt of the electronic transfer or, failing that, the instruction letter sent to the bank that made the transaction, with clear identification of the supplier.
  • Payments by Credit Card: Receipt or voucher of the credit card and the corresponding statement of account paid in a single instalment.
  • Payments by Debit Card: Receipt or voucher of the card, or of the charge in the checking account statement.
  • Payments by check: Copy of the check and its collection in the current account (copy of the checking account statement).

It is important to keep in mind that the transfers made must include at least the RUT of the person who will receive the funds, the amount and the account details.

All checks must be made payable to the contracted company, its legal representative or whoever is indicated in the contract. Please attach a checking account statement.

With an advance payment mode agreement, the foreign currency purchase receipt must be attached, which must indicate a real exchange operation in the formal market for the equivalent of at least the amount of public co-financing of the expenses incurred in the execution of the activities being rendered.

With a reimbursement mode agreement, the following options must be taken into account to determine the exchange rate:

  • Attach the foreign currency purchase receipt, which must indicate a formal exchange operation for the equivalent of at least the amount of public co-financing of the expenses incurred in the execution of the activities being rendered.
  • In case you have financed expenses in foreign currency with your own resources, the exchange rate will be calculated taking the value observed by the Central Bank, defining the date of the operation as the date of the bill, receipt, invoice or other similar document issued for the purchase of the good or provision of the service.

The use of a credit card as a means of payment must be done on an exceptional basis, and prior authorisation from the ProChile supervisor must be requested by letter or e-mail.

Payment by credit card must be made in a single instalment and the corresponding payment receipt must be attached.

International Travel Expenses must be supported as follows:

  • Signed Travel Expenses form.
  • Original boarding pass or photocopy of passport.
  • Travel itinerary.

The number of days authorised for each project must be respected as it is indicated in the provisions and the values stated in the current international travel expenses table must be considered.