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General Director of ProChile participates in the 9th version of the País Digital Summit that brings together renowned national and international experts

The General Director of ProChile, Jorge O'Ryan, participated in the 9th version of the País Digital Summit 2021 - framed in the 20th anniversary of Fundación País Digital (FPD) - where opportunities and challenges for the international expansion of SMEs and startups. For the second consecutive year, it was carried out in a 100% online format.

During the panel titled “Scale UP !! How do we develop Chile's SMEs and Startups nationally and internationally? ”, ProChile's Director General, Jorge O’Ryan, highlighted the institution's work on innovation and pre-internationalization of entrepreneurs and SMEs. Similarly, the Manager of Start-Up Chile, María de los Ángeles Romo, highlighted ProChile's work in offering an internationalization and softlanding mechanism, thinking about the impact that new businesses could have in a global context.

In this sense, the ProChile authority explained that “we are helping through different programs with Corfo. We created an Innovation Department two and a half years ago, which did not exist in ProChile. We are having this softlanding with our main entrepreneurs, different ecosystems and we support them with great passion, with great desire and also with resources. But the important thing is the pre-internationalization, many times the entrepreneurs leave, the SMEs leave without being prepared, without knowing, for example, what is happening in that country, what are the tastes of the consumers ”. He added: "This pre-internationalization is very important, we accompany them, train them, support them and then with resources so that they can travel to those countries."
Another aspect that was addressed in the panel was the potential that the export of services represents for the country, an area that today is low compared to other nations. In the same way, think about the internationalization of enterprises from the point of view of democratization in access, where there are more initiatives such as Start-Up Chile or Go Global, so that those dreams and ideas that are being incubated in the country , can effectively reach other territories and contribute dynamically to different economies.

“Exports today are a third more or less of the GDP at the national level and the companies that today innovate internally in Chile are much more competitive abroad. Productivity increases, efficiency increases and that is also very important ”, declared ProChile General Director, Jorge O’Ryan.


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